Then the wailing started. Someone was going to pay, and quite frankly it should be the same woman who disrupted Teague in the first place. Both of them are too stubborn to want to live in the land of the other though, and this causes their future and love to hang by a thread. Of course he wouldn’t kill Mina, he’d only just keep her with him, but Teague couldn’t let Mina know that. She turned and hugged mina, before releasing her and walking away. Charlie is a Siren prince. Jared only hated Brody because Mina was so obsessed with him.

T for possible violence only. Anyways, this is a group chat between the Quagmires and the Baudelaires. Shipping Mina and Teague. Someone was going to pay, and quite frankly it should be the same woman who disrupted Teague in the first place. And we are all connected to each other, through a circle, through a hoop that never ends. I ship it so hard Rated:

And yes, Teague would, no one could fanfictiom away with disrupting him. I was trying to protect you, I didn’t know you would freak and fall into a river. Can you write A Ham x Fem!

Who is this Jared person and why is he such a jerk? Rated T because I’m paranoid.

With some magic, Jared turned it purple. Rated T just incase Most likely isn’t but just incase Also can we just appreciate the way “Temple stilkskins” name is spelt in the character slot menu?


What if she says I’m crazy? It takes place during Fable before Mina knows about the quest. He raised his hands and let the dark magic flow from his body. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Chapter 5 part 3 8.

A story that explores what might’ve happened if Mina and Teague had a bit more time together. T because I’m paranoid. Peering in, they saw a woman with her back to the window, cradling what looked like, a baby.

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I love fairy tales. He pretended to think. Me two seconds later: It was so mesmerising, that Teague had to follow. Let’s just finish this,” Jared pulled a plastic container towards him and started randomly mixing things. Everything grew quiet and still. But I know, everything human, fae and creature, has a life, has a spirit, has a name. I ship it so hard Rated: Books An Unfortunate Fairy Tale.

A change started to take place with the broken girl.

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Unfortunately Unfortunate One shots by LyricTheSilent reviews Just a group of random one shots, but i will take suggestions! Before he could comment, Mina continued. With her boyfriend, a psychopath, and a princess, what could go wrong? Charlie is a Siren prince. Teague didn’t know how she had saved these people but somehow she had.


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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. I mean You, Jared, and I equals three. Valor, deception, and marriage by Midnightblue27 reviews Mina is training in a field where she isn’t allowed, being forced into an arranged marriage to one of the most powerful Fae in the land, and keeping it all a secret.

You can release the love the love inside you or destroy the monster that lives. I promise I’m not making any profit out of this, it’s just a Creative Writing exercise.

Rated T for violence. She stood in front of him, looking angry and pissed off. The person he hated most in the entire school. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

The cries stopped crying but then everything quickened. The bell rang to end the class and Jared walked away without another glance. All of the sudden everything stopped, the winds stopped blowing and shrieking. We also know that just as they begin to get close, Mina unenchantde rescued.

Can we finish the experiment now?