I just hope that in less than 20 years I will be able to buy a farm, guns and will learn to shoot animals and humans. Na’ I felt the same way. Look what happen to Gee too some years ago Final touches are small but important! Yeah but on spotify you have your own account that makes you able to do your own playlists and you can follow others playlists and artists. I live in wa. Spectrail Jul 22, at So, when it came time to filming the bike park segment for unReal, we knew we had to do something different.

Am i the only one who did not like the soundtrack? Doesn’t sound like it’ll take a whole lot of convincing then! JP Nov 5, at I agree, watching the drive was cool! MTBseal Jul 22, at 0: Best video segment ever! Day 1 Tech Randoms: But just to put it clear for you, I don’t give a tiniest damn if my kids will see the same glacier or not, tourism is a smallest thing to worry about when it comes to glacier melting which

What relevance does the size of the bike have to do with whether or not it is slowed down? Pinkkbike Jul 22, at 3: Piinkbike in Numbers was also very good. Thanks Semen, must be the People Choice award touched his heart. Mobile Version of Website. Life cycles was the beginning of the end for MTB movies, Rankin needs to come back movoe show them how it’s done! Apparently the one shot is the only time Brandon rode the entire line – not to say there wasn’t a huge amount of practicing each section Lowspark Sep 28, at I live in wa.

Please don t forgot When you take talents like Smith crazy fast and McDonald Insane style and put them in a wide open field?


This one has widespread crossover appeal.

But for some reason I can’t watch it over and over, I think I have watched it maybe three times. Watching that landing go by under you must be a nasty feeling.

Both were awesome to see on the big screen so this should be awesome!!! WAshredbum Nov 4, at Add to Favorites Added to Favorites Views: We are all very passionate riders, riding times a week, year round uneal long as there’s not too much snow on the ground. Overall I would say it was definitely worth a watch but I was bored to tears with slow motion by the end of the intro, never mind the end of the movie.

MDRipper Nov 4, at AMGoran Nov 6, at 0: I would like unreaal I know who doesn’t ride bikes to see this clip, maybe then they will have some insight into nureal riding bikes is one of the biggest joys in my life and will continue to do so until the day I die. So the reasons of going to watch the video dropped considerable. It was fukin’ awesome!

I suppose if you walk into a movie with narrow expectations, then you’ll usually be disappointed.

Anthill Films’ unReal Video – Review

It’s less visceral for me, doesn’t make the hairs on my neck stand quite so straight like TVS’ segment does. Also theunRealmovie is just sick.

When I saw this on the big screen, I naturally assumed it was a Cineflex mounted on a heli. Something you won’t do in real life because you have to climb the hill after to take your care. AndyMandura Jul 29, at I think this issue of relatability may be partially responsible for the dearth of “raw” edits, 1: Felt like it was missing some teletubbies though. Just to the correct people this time!


They got torn down. It’s so creative and beautiful. JohnTurner Jul 22, at AndrewShields Jul 22, at And from my research and talking to relevant people Canada seems to be oversubscribed at the moment so I can’t even join a waiting list so to speak.

unReal Free Online Premiere – This Friday on Pinkbike – Pinkbike

Bdusty1 Jul 23, at 6: I really like the outside the box production that went into this from what I have read online so far.

Milhouse Nov 5, at 2: Only being able to watch it through a computer totally kills it for me. It’s more like the old school movies in terms of story telling, I really love that. But just to put it clear for you, I don’t give a tiniest damn if my kids will see the same glacier or not, tourism is a smallest thing to worry about when it comes to glacier melting which Only freaks can make those speeds appear slow on camera haha.

Mountain Biking on a Glacier: #theunRealmovie

You must login to Pinkbike. After the few practice runs down the rough dirt road the GSS kept losing power which would be devastating mid-run. I would get it, but iTunes keeps on crashing every time i try to visit the store