Episode 41 – “The Story of Millie Jackson “. The clips they showed of his funeral were heartbreaking. Episode – “The Story of Next “. This episode shows news footage from the plane crash that took the lives of singer Otis Redding and many of the original members, as well as footage of the Bar-Kays performing at Wattstax. Interviews with Sheila E. Once outside, Watson tackled Sawyer and pinned him to the ground, holding him down by the neck. The character Effie White from the musical Dreamgirls is loosely based on Ballard.

I enjoyed the episode but I agree it should of been longer! It felt so rushed! Original bassist Larry Graham did not appear in the documentary. I notice there were no stories of him beating his two wives or his daughters, but he beat his son and Genna. I can’t wait to see this one…my cousin said her Uncle Eddie Kendrick and fellow temptation was shown in a very positive light. You can’t shoot yourself in the right if your gun is in your left hand or vice versa. When the friend arrived at the scene of the shooting, he found Sawyer still in his car, but shot multiple times. Episode 24 – “The Story of Angela Winbush “.

Cole umsung, and Cory Rooney. I keep checking back and it’s not up and I really want to see it! I liked the episode but to do an Unsung on David Ruffin deserves more than one hour. Hosted by Donnie Simpson. If they had told really been truthful, that movie would’ve never made it to TV.

The episode featured a countdown of the top 10 most exceptional “Unsung” episodes — impacting profiles that were selected for their representation of the breadth and depth of the series through fan feedback, social engagement and their influence on pop culture. Jul 2, Featured footage from the documentary concert film Soul to Soul. It has been corrected. Episode 77 – “The Story of Wilson Pickett “.


They went all out for the funeral though.

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Episode 27 – “The Story of Deniece Williams “. Episode 33 – “The Full of Billy Preston “. Cops say that Watson was the shooter in a June incident that took the life of a fellow Detroit resident. The clips they showed of his funeral were heartbreaking.

Apr 22, Episode 60 – “The Story of Mint Condition “.

The passenger used a semi-automatic rifle to spray the house with bullets. I think his eavid was one of his biggest downfalls.

Episode – “The Story of Switch band “.

Episode 88 – “The Story of Kid ‘n Play “. Episode 28 – “The Story of The Spinners “. There is evidence that he was murdered, even though he was right-handed he was shot on the left hand side of the head, the fact that he owed money to allot of people and that he had a misstress who’s husband had found out about her and Paul’s affair. So it is true! I’ve been under a rock lately and missed this one – I’ll check it out on demand or when they re-show it.

Witnesses reported to police that a black Ford Crown Victoria was seen fleeing the area. This episode was the first to focus on an entire genre of music rather than a particular artist, group, or band.

Unsung – the David Ruffin Documentary, By Pat Thomas

I will forever love and miss you I definitely think his mistress’ husband shot him. Why ruffib there hasnt been a thread about who was the best lead Temptations singer Dennis Edwards or David Ruffin? They jumped from him being a baby straight to him being in the music biz.


Episode – “The Story of The Dramatics “.

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But less get real the man died getting high She was buried next to David. He had a wonderful voice and it was good to see how much is family and friends loved him. If she was a widow or ex-wife, it would have said so under her name and there was no mention of her and David getting married. Unwung the rise and tribulation of influential Soul songwriter, composer, and recording artist Donny Hathaway.

I believe that child abuse he suffered was just the tip of the iceberg. The Story of Whodini tonight, March 12 at 7 p.

David Ruffin

Documenting the career, trials, fill tribulations of DJ Frankie Knuckles and the subgenre House he helped craft. Here is a video that they did for her outside of the funeral home.

I have given the review about the unsung, but I also wished they could a cut the 60s part down a bit and clip a few minutes about of that part. Why are you screaming jackson? Down the street, a davdi was waiting in the alley. The last interview Vesta Williams conducted. Retrieved from ” https: Episode – “The Story of Lenny Williams “. Than I had see in years. Episode 8 – “The Story of Florence Ballard “. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Yeah I’ve come to that conclusion as well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Episode 18 – “The Story of Teddy Pendergrass “.