J continues to have his evil smile. Mukta decides to marry Tej Singh. Watch All Pakistani T. Nani makes a straight face at this. You are doing it all wrong. But he goes and hugs her. Uttran by colors tv 22nd November written update.

Vishnu reaches outside and is immediately worried for Mukta. He realises that Meethi is inside the outhouse. J does aarti alone. I can expose you in one minute but I am holding off because I respect singhs J: Vishnu too is shown heading towards some place outhouse maybe. He is a great mind reader. Subscribe via RSS Feed. Shiv says he loves A and can to go any length to protect her.

Raghuvendra abducts Yuvraj and thrashes him for what he did with Mukta. J gives a victorious look. Anonymous October 26, at Mukku replies it is Diwali tonight.

Damini keeps shouting for Meethi. Nani wonders about the girls and their crackers. Pavitra Rishta 18th December written video up Jogi gives her her gift. Everyone outside is in a panic state. Rathore comes there chanting a Sanskrit mantra.

Anandi also removes her hand from thali and backs off leaving J to hold it. Swamini talks about the honor and prestige of the family which will be ground to dust if Inder were to lose the caseOne case and all the years work comes undone. B Giridharan October 30, at 2: The rest of the crackers catch fire too.


Viren watches this in puzzlement …. At temple all signhs CM and Shiv are present.

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She falls on the floor and is in a semi conscious state. The episode begins with Dev about to leave the house gets interrupted by Daima asking him where he is going this early; to which D Maanvi is rushed to a hospital, oxygen mask ot place. Gives his crap sayin he is A’s husband and can’t think of hurtingher. Meethi throws them aside…a little away from diyas but the winds are blowing the curtains away. Uhtaran Yeh Yaariaan Season 3, now streaming globally! But he wrjtten and hugs her.

They are both very much concerned about the girls. Mukta decides to marry Tej Singh. Ds says she will stay back with Gehna, but J pretends, and asks A to stay back, he again holds her hand.

Her saree finally catches fire. Kanha says he did. Like 0 Dislike epispde. Today’s Deals at Amazon Today’s Deals. As singhs were above to leave in car, J calls his Bapusa from behind. Mukta gets the crackers out and gives to Meethi.

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi. J says he loves hi DS and before he could say he loves A- Shiv stops him.


Watch All Pakistani T. The epi starts with everyone doing Diwali puja.

Ichha secretly enters the mansion. Rathore repeats — what should he have done? Her saree is spread out and the fire is catching up too. The girls are very scared and crying out for help inside.

He was smiling as if he knew it is his first Diwali today. Meethi and Mukta head for the outhouse.

Damini asks about Meethi from Vishnu. DS scolds B saying that he just want to trust his son. Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 18th December written v And Ds sides with J. Kanha feeds her sweets as well. Basant also says that if he was faking LS would know. All disappointed and CM walks off.

Uttaran 24th January 2011 -Tapasya Ka naya Attayachar

He makes Vishnu look him into his eyes. We do not support playback on this browser, requesting you to please update your browser to the latest version. It’s Not That Simple S