Tyler releases Caroline from the cage, but watches as Jules has Caroline at gunpoint. To show her that she can hurt them without second thought, she has one of her compelled friends to jump on the float Matt’s working on pinning his arm underneath. Elijah makes a deal with Elena: Back outside at school’s yard, Isobel shows up in front of Elena saying that she wants to be involved in her life. Alaric tells Jenna that he loves her. She stabs him with the dagger and leaves it in him.

Jenna worries that Alaric isn’t being honest about his past. Based on the young-adult book series by L. Elena’s survival is revealed as John had Bonnie cast a spell that had him die in Elena’s place. When Tyler witnesses Caroline’s abilities, she reveals that she is a vampire. Eps 62 Samurai Jack Samurai Jack. He then finds out that Bonnie has obtained power that could threaten his life. TV by the Numbers. Join Now Back to login.

Damon explains to Alaric why Isobel is acting the way she is.

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Isobel kidnaps Elena and then receives a phone call from Maddox, who tells her sasion she has finished what Klaus compelled her to do and is free to let Elena go. Damon is surprised hearing that Isobel is in town and wonders if she is working with John David Anders and why she wants the Gilbert device.

Isobel returns to town and stuns Alaric with her attitude and her demands vqmpire he arrange a meeting with Elena. Klaus agrees to have Stefan work for him in exchange for Damon’s protection. Meg of Two Cents TV gave a good review to the episode saying that the reunion of mother and daughter included more death threats and face slaps than hugs and flowers.


He is a warlock who, in order to save his daughter Greta, is willing and able to help defeat Klaus. Maddox kidnaps Tyler and Caroline.

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Retrieved February 5, Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Retrieved March 29, Elena reads in the journal that if the dagger is removed, the Original will come back to life.

Judge Doug makes all his rulings while extremely high.

Elena does not want Bonnie to die, so she pulls the dagger out of Elijah’s heart. Retrieved February 10, This episode’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Join Doug Benson as he presides over actual courtroom arguments. Tyler almost kills a girl, feeling for a second that he bideobb her to die. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Realizing that Bonnie intends to endanger herself to defeat Klaus, Elena pulls the dagger out of Elijah’s heart.

This section’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Once Isobel leaves, Elena is visibly upset. vsmpire

She than places the ring back on his finger and disappears. Bonnie fights Klaus with her powers and appears to die. Katherine calls in a favor from a witch named Lucy to get the stone. When Lucy finds out that another Bennett is at the party and that Katherine had deceived her, she puts a spell on the moonstone, injuring Katherine.

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Katherine is visited by Lucy, a witch who is to help her retrieve the moonstone. Written by The CW. Not letting her go to help, Isobel shows her Jeremy and threatens her to hand over the device. Klaus, one of the original vampires, arrives and is now hunting Elena. Stefan asks Katherine to prove that there is good in her, and she advises him to ask Isobel for help in finding Klaus.


Isobel 06 May 8. Needing another werewolf, Katherine compels Matt to attack Tyler, so that Tyler will kill Matt and become a werewolf. Elena Gilbert Paul Wesley Caroline and Bonnie help Elena rescue Stefan and retrieve the moonstone.

Isobel kneels down and grabs his ring off of his finger. Elena’s vervain necklace remains at the house.

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Caroline has become a vampire and awakens in the hospital craving blood. Elijah and Klaus were raised as brothers, but Vampjre was the result of their mother’s affair with a man from a werewolf bloodline.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. He alerts Elena and Stefan, while a ravenous Caroline drains Carter.

Jules and Brady explain the sun and moon curse to Tyler and lure him into helping them. Bonnie shows up at Elena’s house feeling bad for not talking to her at fpisode Grill while she saw how upset she was and she apologizes. Elena and Isobel meet at the Grill while Stefan sits a few tables away for protection. Stefan admits that he had been brutal and inhuman until Lexi showed him the path of love and humanity.

A vampire named Trevor takes Elena to an abandoned house, where she meets Rose, another vampire. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about episodf favorite shows – Start Now.

Retrieved February 11, Jenna worries that Alaric isn’t being honest about his past. La La Land 6.