Meanwhile, Tyler makes his second transformation into a werewolf when the full moon appears, and Damon reveals to Stefan a disturbing new development they must face. Silas 3 episodes, Carrie uncredited 3 episodes, Elena learns the truth about how Stefan and Damon became vampires back in , and Stefan struggles with whether he wants to continue to live. The Originals season 5: To ensure that Elena cooperates, Isobel kidnaps Jeremy and threatens to kill him. Season 1, Episode 14 February 11, Stevie 1 episode,

Hip Chicago Woman uncredited 1 episode, Guy 1 episode, Trudy Sulez 2 episodes, The Lockwoods throw a masquerade ball, and Stefan and Damon try to prevent Katherine from wrecking the party. Ivan 1 episode, Cowboy 2 episodes,

Patient uncredited 1 episode, Mystic Grill Mourner uncredited 1 episode, Peeing Guy 1 episode, Stefan and Elena go to a lake house for a romantic weekend, but they don’t realize they’re being followed.

Traveler 2 1 episode, Charlotte 1 episode, Student uncredited 1 episode, Will 2 episodes, Parent Family Member uncredited 1 episode, Agnes 1 episode, Krystal 3 episodes, Blair Fell 2 episodes, Eileen uncredited 1 episode, Batting Cage Attendant uncredited 1 episode, Mystic Grille Vampire uncredited 1 episode, Katherine reveals to Stefan secrets about what really happened in when she turned him into a vampire.


Virginia 4 episodes, Chuck 1 episode, Buck 1 episode, Restaurant Patron uncredited 1 episode, Caroline wakes up in the hospital and is horrified to learn that she is turning into a vampire.

Passing Traveler uncredited 1 episode, Douglas 1 episode, Season five will have a total of 13 episodes which will be airing on a weekly basis. Parade Patron uncredited 1 episode, Cooper 1 episode, Deserter 1 1 episode, Season 2, Episode 8 November 4, Damon kidnaps Mason to learn why he is helping Katherine and why he wants the mysterious moonstone.

Young Luke 1 episode, Elena brings Elijah back to life by removing the magical dagger from his heart and he reveals to her Klaus’ true purpose for breaking the so-called moonstone curse.

Season 2, Episode 22 May 12, Young Damon 1 episode, Later, an act of violence shocks the town. Miss Gibbons 3 episodes, Parent 1 episode, This year will mark a reboot for The Originals after fans were teased with a lengthy trailer for the forthcoming run episoce San Diego Comic-Con last year. Armory Guard uncredited 1 episode, Jeffery Lockwood Hamilton uncredited 2 episodes, Peter Maxwell 8 episodes,