Season 2 had some meta worked into it, which gave rise to some funnies. So glad you cleared up some of it. Loved this season as much as the first. The gangster throws a chain over his neck for some more—guess what? Afterwards, while deciding what to do, Soon Bum says to Jung In: Please enter your username or email address. Before Season 1 started, he started chasing Vampire Jang Chul-oh, aware that Bad Blood was calling the shots behind the scenes. It was definitely not rape, molestation, or abuse.

At first, I thought the director of the fake movie knew something about Tae Yeon, but naw, it was just a case of overly applied meta. I’m not good at English’s. I live for Sundays now LOL. The entire thing seemed rushed to me. Then he explains his own encounter with Bad Blood, in yet another flashback:. Jo go, especially Dr. He says that human beings are all the same, and that he caved to his baser instincts when all was said and done. Soon-bum appeals to him desperately, saying that she could still be alive, that this is what gangsters say in the child-trafficking business to get the parents to back off.

Review: Vampire Prosecutor 2

He shouldn’t die just like that. I also think the writing has suffered – there have been several re-cycled plotlines.

Considering Red Eyes bites so many people, there would be tons of vampires 1 Park Hoon. I guess I like Min a lot more when Min doesn’t seem like Min anymore. The writers have always have a way to write those dead back in somehow. Can’t mess with her now Prosecutor Min.


Our personal context and lenses do come into play and affect how we view our dramas. Today’s episode was slightly less intense but based on interpretation may or may not be true Jung In seemed upset that Min and the detective wouldn’t share information regarding the niece with her. I don’t think Jung In died.

The color palette is also further desaturated compared to Season 1 — with few exceptions — which adds to the gritty, less stylized, more matter-of-fact tone of Episde 2.

How did Vampire vampirs survive and whats Red Eyes’ connection with the little sister? He blocks his exit and refuses to let him go, because Dr.

So glad you cleared up some of it. Blood says sorry, and raises the syringe back to his neck. I know the situation is terrible, but his panic is so sweet. Red Eyes grabs the nearest pipe and starts to beat the lights out of him, when Tae-yeon sees his chance to throw him to the ground. She asks him the same question now: Similar to Season 1, information and clues relating to the overarching mystery are released to us over the course of the season.

Bad Guys The Fangirl Verdict. Although the first season will always be my fav, I think this season did have alot of good points. This season, Jung In is rocking a complete makeover, with longer, sleeker hair, stronger, bolder makeup and a sexier, more streamlined wardrobe. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. I loved perky, energetic Jung In and her new-found love for individually wrapped sausages:.


He lunges to bite down, and someone screams. I really hope Ji-ae isn’t dead. The gangster throws a chain over his neck for some more—guess what? I have sort of mixed feelings about the execution They run up to arrest him, so Tae-yeon has no choice but to fight them eplsode off.

The gangster unlocks the chains and tells the boys to go home.

Thank you for the recap. If no reuniting with clutching occurs.

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And there better be another season because while I like perhaps even love open endings this is not an ending they better come back and finish the story. Soon-bum pleads with Dr. We did confirm that Red Eyes was a prisoner-turned-lab-rat and made into a vampire, which we peisode much guessedbut from whose blood remains unexplained. In the mad lab, Dr.

Still, I managed to find it on Dramacrazy, so I might end up watching it there sometime. Park Hoon was chasing Bad Blood after being turned into a vampire prosecutog him! Tae-yeon and Ji-ae run to his side, and Dr.