I just got Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Try to use lower recording speed 2X for example. Process from an original DVD No Strings Attached http: I like ripbot and I also like BD-Rebuilder. I’ve tried it now and the 4. Yet it is no definition of the term.

Earlier versions would use the same resizing settings for all subsequent videos, now it has to be changed manually for each and every one. No, I haven’t changed any other settings. The Edge of Love http: Just wanted to report for reference that the ic10 compiled with intel compiler version of ffdshow was causing crashes on my system when encoding a movie. I know you use 64 bit softs You sir, are a genius!!! Encoding start frame number default: It was really useful to estimate about how long until the rip was done.

Subtitless suggest using the 2-pass mode and you can select the final output size of the video or the video bit rate individually. Is there a way that I can install two version of FFdshow to satisfy both programs? Hi, my problem is the audio.

I use the K-Lite Standard Pack as well. O yes i did test, all settings will be forced, that i used. ResampleHQ kernel visualizations http: Breakfast at Tiffany’s http: I’ve posted the contents of the Demuxlong.

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What is the content of info and mkvinfo? I don’t believe so, as installing one version of ffdshow will simply overwrite whatever version you have installed. For example, a disc will have three episodes.


Well, I am used to see a “codec” as specific software implementation see also: Water For Elephants http: I am interested to find out. I’ve been using Ripbot successfully for some time and think it a great program.

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Doesn’t seem to happen all the time, but can be frustrating since the times it has happened I didn’t realize until after the jobs were done so I end up with 3 encodes of the same playlist instead of 3 separate encodes. I’ve also tried switching to mkv and just doing a stream copy of the audio and that is also out of sync probably because ripbot is seeing that ms delay.

No problemyou can attach it clicking on those 3 dots I show you: Who can help me???? RipBot’s crop dialog does only search inside I need for me and everyone that use spursengine for personal use.

I subtitlse do anime but I would gather some setting might want or need to be tweaked to get optimum results. Juan Antonio, sexually adventurous friend who bright cautious, vicky christina barcelona p free-flowing enjoyably light.

I’ve read that people have cammed used a video camera to record stuff in theaters movies and the cinavia survives this it’s not a simple watermark in the rbrip track, it’s actually embedded sound[s] although supposedly inaudible within the track so simple encoding and such will most likely not be effective.


The image is more detailed, clear, more sharp and no have blur effect, tipic using normal upscale.

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So far, my hat’s off to Cinavia for finding an anti-copy solution. Use the [HIGH 4. I’m also using Windows. It is a simple and elegant solution that I have found quite useful.

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The faulting library was ffmpegmt. Not very user-friendly when adding dozens of videos, and especially since I wasted several days of encoding time due to this, and found out on vacation that all my new videos on my PSP were unusable: The audio stays the same since your choose 2-Pass and video I change to P True as which hadn’t ever been an issue before. You can also do the encoding of the DVD without audio, crisfina the audio later: This solution worked perfectly!!!

I hope this time I was much clear: