Whilst discussing how to fight against the Alone, they find their options limited since the girls are unable to dock without Akane, forcing the military to consider more drastic means. Instantly find any Vividred Operation full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more!. Season 1, Episode 3 January 25, Strange things have been happening, first Duc was chased by two crooks to the Sensa News,. Afterwards, Momo gets Kenjirou to apologize for his deceit whilst the others thank Rei for her help. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. When Aoi starts to fall towards the sea, Akane overcomes her fear and dives after her.

My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Rei is taken away by the UDF, her accusation still ringing in Akane? Green Book Wins Best Picture. Akane and the girls invite Rei to join their group for summer classes. Rei decides to gamble on acting after the arrival of the next Alone. Add to Watchlist Added.

Akane is taken into intensive care whilst the Alone that attacked her wraps itself onto the Tokyo Skytree. Retrieved November 30, Retrieved December 31, Junior Orange Bowl is proudly powered by WordPress. Category General General General.

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Vividred Operation Episode 1 – AniLinkz. The crow arrives at Blue Island and starts draining energy from the Manifestation Engine, causing blackouts all over the world.

Virgin Soul Altair: Green Book Wins Best Picture. Watch Vividred Operation online English subtitle full episodes. Following the battle, Wakaba starts training Akane and Aoi so they can safely dock in battle. However, a mysterious girl who is planning to foil their plans is working secretly behind the scenes.

Akane hits a home run anilinkkz a softball game that smashes Himawari Shinomiya’s camera robot. Later that night, after receiving another harsh reminder of her objective from the crow, Rei learns about Akane’s link with the Manifestation Engine’s inventor. Akane tells her that she already knew about that, but admired her perseverance to eat them regardless and assures her they are best friends.


Akane is rushed to the hospital, leaving the three girls to fight the revived Alone without the ability to dock. ActionComedy-dramaScience fiction. A Star Is Born 7. While Kenjiro begins to delve in the mystery of her identity, the girls visit her apartment and contemplate the likelihood that they?

Meanwhile, Kenjiro vuvidred Shijou realize it?

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Just then, their match is operatlon by the appearance of a serpent-like Alone Dragon. Vividred Operation 1 Season A young girl with special powers fights to save her world from alien invaders. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Akane tries to get to know her quiet classmate, Rei Kuroki, unaware that she is the one assisting the Alone. The Animation Valvrave the Liberator Danganronpa: Retrieved March 11, Instantly find any Vividred Operation full episode available from all 1 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more!.

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The show sits in a bit of an odd place where it’ll be too tame for the majority of the audience who loved Strike Witchesyet at the same time it’s still too racy and male-friendly to appeal to the young girls who are traditionally the audience for magical girl shows.

After the battle, Himawari makes plans to have Wakaba hang out with her for a whole day whilst Rei, who was unable to power up the Alone in time, becomes more desperate. The 4koma 1 Viviop] in Japanese. Love is Hard for Otaku – Youth Not considered in his plan, however, was Rei escaping from her custody and assisting the girls in a not-so-subtle disguise.

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The next day, after Rei goes off on her own and Akane and the others are informed of a strategy to pinpoint the source of the arrows, another Alone Bacteriophage appears, which Rei powers up with another arrow. Va informam ca foarte curand va avea loc deschiderea unui nou site. Anime and Manga portal. Noticing Himawari’s interest for factories, the girls dress her anilinjz and take her anioinkz see one of them. Strengthening their resolve to help Akane as much as they can, Aoi and the others decide to fight against the Alone, taking Akane’s Naked Rang with them.


Meanwhile, owing to Himawari’s analysis skills, Kenjirou figures out the source of the Alone’s power-ups. As Rei panics when she realises she has dropped a key precious to her, Akane is called into action as an Alone Box appears.

Season 1, Episode 2. Season 1, Episode Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night As the girls find their attacks ineffective against the Alone’s new form, Aoi confesses to Akane that she actually hates tomatoes, which she didn’t want her to learn through the docking.

The Curse of Oak Island 2. Vividred operation episode 1 anilinkz Jan 13, Undeterred by his new form, Kenjirou gives Akane his latest invention, a strange key known as an Operation Key.

PG – Teens 13 or older. Due to her battles against the Alone, Akane? Following the battle, Himawari decides to start attending classes before asking Kenjirou for his autograph.

Recalling how she was betrayed opeation her previous friend, which led to her to become a shut-in, Himawari is rescued by Akane, who kept her promise to come back for her.

Due to her friends?