The prime suspect, a man seen chatting to Johannes at a supermarket, is found dead but his neighbour, an ex-policeman, had already arrested a similar child killer years earlier. For they too, know the only rule of the game. A call interrupts their first dinner date: The Nomad is a historical epic set in 18th-century Kazakhstan. The King of Kings Man on the Tracks The film’s opinion of events is made immediately clear in its title sequence: It is the year 33 of the Vulgar Era.

Billions of dollars are being poured into an upcoming International Business Park. The victims are a former police officer, his wife and their 10 year old son. Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel, “” is very loosely based the B. In , as Napoleon Bonaparte rises to power in France, a rivalry erupts between Armand and Gabriel, two lieutenants in the French Army, over a perceived insult. A Grain of Truth In Ireland, American lawyer Ingrid Jessner and her activist partner, Paul Sullivan, struggle to uncover atrocities committed by the British government against the Northern Irish during the “Troubles. DeMille could tell it. A rule chilling in its simplicity.

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A rule chilling in its simplicity. Hellcats of the Navy He’s now a professor of Greek; she’s loathe to tell him she’s a police inspector. Early 20th century England: When Caesar is wallande, she redirects her attentions to his general, Marc Antony Richard Burtonwho vows to take power — but Caesar’s successor Roddy McDowall has other plans.

After having an affair with a student, he moves to the Eastern Cape, where he gets caught up in a mess of post-apartheid politics. Under the GDPR, you have several rights, such as accessing your own personal data, erasing of that data, and the right to be notified within 72 hours of a data breach that is likely to result in a risk for your rights and freedoms.


From the Life of the Marionettes The Final Inquiry A series of three documentaries about the use of fear for political gain. His astrologers give him onlinne warning: Three brutal murders are committed in a house in a quiet suburb. The film’s plot is based on the Kennedy assassination and subsequent investigation.

onoine I as in Icarus The story begins with the arrangements of the wedding between Joseph and Mary, and chronicles the nativity, the encounter with John the Baptist a ferocious Michael York and everything up to the crucifixion and resurrection. A sympathetic anthropologist uses drugs and surgery to try to communicate with a primitive troglodyte who is found living in a local cave.

Beck – At the End of the Road A disgraced walander marine officer elects to stay aboard his sinking cargo ship in order to prove the vessel was deliberately scuttled and, as a result, vindicate his good name.

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A small town somewhere in India is poised to become the next Shanghai. How the West Was Won Dante journeys through the nine circles of Hell — limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery — in search of his true love, Beatrice. General Maximus’ success in battle earns the favour of an elderly Emperor at the expense of zaporq Emperor’s son.

An Animated Epic And the blackhearted underworld empire. In a fit of jealous rage the son slays his father before turning his anger towards Maximus.

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The winner of four Oscars, this epic saga of love, greed and betrayal stars Elizabeth Taylor as the passionate and ambitious Egyptian queen who’s determined to hold on to the throne and seduces the Roman emperor Julius Caesar Rex Harrison.

A Tale of the Christ. A call interrupts their first zapra date: On a calm summer day inin the bustling Lokhandwala Complex, five wallandwr including Maya and Dilip were counting 70 lakhs in flat no.


When Edward, Peter, Lucy and Susan each follow their own path, they end up finding themselves at Willy’s Chocolate factory. Wallander – The Secret Lawrence becomes a flamboyant, messianic figure in the cause of Arab unity but his psychological instability threatens to undermine his achievements.

When Lise’s car bumps Antoine’s bike, they recognize onlime other from a brief fling 20 years before while at the Sorbonne. A high ranking bureaucrat is brought in to investigate the accident. The prime suspect, a man seen chatting to Johannes at a supermarket, is found dead but his neighbour, an ex-policeman, had already arrested a similar child killer years earlier.

Eleven-year-old Johannes is found dead in a barn after he has been sexually abused. The year is Robert Powell is superb in the title role, and with the overwhelming success of this TV movie throughout the world, has perhaps become what Jesus looks like in many people’s minds. During a delicate mission in which his sub is ordered to retrieve a revolutionary new Japanese mine, Abbott is forced to leave frogman Wes Barton Harry Lauter behind to save the rest of his crew.

Alienated in provincial reality he struggles to find a killer, when he stumbles upon more victims. The film is fil fictionalised account of the youth and coming-of-age of Ablai Khan, as he grows and fights to defend the fortress at Hazrat-e Turkestan from Dzungar invaders. But when he arrives, things are more complicated than he’d imagined.