These films are available in cd shops and people watch them as a fantasy and they do not take them to their hearts. He tries whatever method he can to break her; beating her, raping her, forcing her to become a Sikh , marrying her, and in the end, having her give birth to his child. One day, Rabia comes to know about Bano and she begs to her to marry Hassan. Built on the true events of partition of , the series depicts the events of rioting and chaos in Bano is living with a family where she does their household chores, she gets a job in a modern family where she realises that Pakistan is not how she thought it would be. There are always 2 sides to a story. Bano says to his mother, “I can forget everything in this world. Many Indian people come on here and say Pakistan has no freedom of speech.

Modi reminds Imran of promise to fight poverty with India. So much for tales of Indian tolerance and viewer maturity. India should show more maturity! Still, there have been viewers in India who were not offended with the serial. But there are many anti-pakistan bollywood movies like border, are openly shown on local cable networks and these are seldom noticed quite recently the film BABY of bollywood was banned by censor board for release in cinemas but it was aired by cable networks without any protest or complaints. Saleem, hot-tempered and rash, begins to bring political debates into family life and eventually forbids Suraiya to visit Hassan, her nephew. The largest democracy india doesn’t like freedom of speech?

It was common for trains to arrive in Lahore full of dead Muslims with only a few survivors, and this train was no exception: Why go thru all the trouble. I’ll ask him myself if he taught you Sikhs to do this to girls.


Waqt Ne kiya Kya Haseen Sitam | Zindagi | Fawad Khan | Cinekhabar – video dailymotion

Listening to both sides can only end the animosity. I am sure Pakistan would not want to watch a show on Indian army in a same sense. So much for tales of Indian tolerance and viewer maturity. Built on the true events of partition ofthe series depicts the events of rioting and chaos in Hassan and Bano eventually become engaged, and Saleem decides to leave behind his rivalry with Kija for Bano’s sake.

Other locations include KarachiRawalpindiand Kapurthala. In their helplessness, people in need of funds turn to Shylocks. He strictly believes that the establishment of Pakistan will not help, but rather lessen the position of Muslims in India.

Fawad Khan’s Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam BANNED In Pakistan 12th May – video dailymotion

Ridwan “So it’s a crime to haween the suffering of muslims during partition? Ridwan Not at all The reality of mya citizenship has created a sense of isolation. He leaves Ludhiana, with the promise that they will be back 5 months later for the wedding. This time though, when Basant catches her, he doesn’t treat her gently as the first time. He argues with Rabia, but Rabia insists that her love is truer than Bano’s.

Saleem seems to be under the impression that his Hindu friends and their families will be able to protect his family from rioters, but upon trying to get this assurance from them, they say, “What will we say to them?

Throughout her time there, they constantly try to convert her to Sikhism. Lets not repeat those things like forcible conversion or running away with minority girls etc.


Let’s stick to the obvious one One day, Rabia comes to know about Bano and she begs to her to marry Hassan. Me and My Mom liked this serial very much Hate crimes against Muslims become common, and fighting spreads to all states, getting threateningly closer to Ludhiana every day. Meanwhile, Suraiya is pregnant.

It stated that the show had depicted Indians in bad light. Thirsty and hungry, they try to walk to Pakistanencountering poisoned wells along the way.

A Timeless Love Story – Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam | Cinekhabar

Better to televise the original version. Bano believes his lies and cannot wait to go to Pakistan. Instead, he slips, falls, and dies.

Eventually, Bano learns of his plans to forcibly marry her and convert her, and she attempts to run away again. They kia begin to develop feelings for each other, with Hassan visiting Ludhiana every now and then. So it’s a crime to zitam the suffering of muslims during partition?

Zindagi channel might be asked to modify the drama further or be advised against its re-telecast in India. There has been atrocities from both sides.

For some reason the name has been changed. Eventually, Bano agrees and she promises that she will come. Bano is separated from Bibi and raped.