Yoon Hee Suk Supporting Cast. Her dream is to become the “Queen of Cannes” someday but she’s currently an idol with mediocre acting skills. The drama follows six schoolmates at a performing arts high school as they strive to become successful K-pop stars while also navigating through the trials of teenage life. However, he would often experience this sense of uneasiness and loneliness for no unfounded basis or reasons at all. As an idol having the condition of neurasthenia, that’s another side of who JB is. She’s also known to be Korea’s Beyonce and someone who has a very cool and forthright personality. Cast – Dream High 2. TV Dream High 2.

Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. Yet on the other hand, she may also seem like your girl-next-door nuna who is always warm and generous. On December 22, Kang Sora posted a photo on her Twitter page with the comment: She’s part of the female K-pop idol group, known as HershE and she’s the dancer cum rapper of the group. After school when he returns to his dormitory room, he would be deeply absorbed in composing songs, unknown to many others. Jung Yeon Joo Supporting Cast.

The question of who is really a star is meaningless to those who are already stars. By Prettysup Started November 9, It’s a war to see who can rise to the top and becom the sun.

Dream High 2 Trailer: Park Ji Yeon plays Rian. Anyway cant wait to see season 2!

Most of the time, this is hardly his fault as they are just very different in terms of their attitude and their style of doing things. In reality, there might be more as he is a natural playboy. I like the character more because of the fact that he likes rock, just like me. She is also someone who is extremely straightforward, simple and naive. Watch ‘ Dream High ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your dramafrazy and tablet. She’s a fast learner who can pick things up very quickly.


HershE is a mysterious 3-member girl group that transferred to Kirin Art School, in which the group and male idol, Eden will have a bloody battle with Kirin Art School students.

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The first episode will inline on January 30th. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Although she’s still an incompetent actress who is merely playing supporting roles, nonetheless, Rian still feels her main profession is being an actress and being an idol singer is just her sideline.

Cast – Dream High. Every night, he is seen performing on the streets in Hongdae, central Seoul this is the center of Korea’s youthful nightlife and jigh is his way of having fun in life.

Dream High

He’s someone who manages his private life well and he is also a good role model for the rest of the idols. He called and cried. Iand i’m sure a lot of fans, want ro know what happened to the characters of season 1!


I would be so happy if they were to put some sort of connection between Kang Sora’s character and little hye sung!! Possessing both the passion and the drive to work hard, she’s also someone who is blessed with natural talent.

Dream High 2

And this is also becoming a reality but in order for it to materialize, he must learn to come out of his own little world. Yoon Young Ah Supporting Cast. Posted December 6, Ailee plays Ailee, a vocalist in the girl group HershE.

Ye Eun Supporting Cast. Someone who is strong and dynamic yet also appears dramaceazy be gentle And yes, yay for an epic cast,: You can drammacrazy on Viki and be part of the community too! I can’t say much about Sora since I haven’t seen her act, but I’ll try watching some of her movies.

Kang Eatch Ra’s Makeover: She’s also known to be Korea’s Beyonce and someone who has a very cool and forthright personality. Currently studying in a degenerating school like Kirin Arts Academy, he feels it’s more important for him to continue working on his music composition instead.