I had a feeling it was something like that. Oh, seriously, these Black Cross guys can just appear in military bases and easily kill everyone, why the hell haven’t they won already before this series starts, so far, they seem to have no trouble at all with beating the military! Which causes Akaranger to say the one thing no Black Cross monster wants to hear: Anyways, let’s start with Episode 1: Well, she is the one with explosive earrings so i guess that checks out. That was already the case for the original Kamen Rider series, which had nearly episodes produced over the course of almost two years, from to

But their talk is cut short when they receice a distress signal from agent ! May as well start with episode 4 now: Which makes Gold Mask yell “Goranger” in suprise! Oh and Momoranger, instead of using her explosives tells Gold Mask to hold his horses, pulls a mirror out of nowhere, does a spin with it: It melted several people, cars and a big part of the bridge into sand in less than one minute, and the charge period for the Sand Beam is also pretty good, but Warrior Mask just isn’t happy with it and demands Kudo to make it even more powerful. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Daita does briefly pause to say the chef called him “Ki” once again before running after the mooks. It was apparently a missile that Momoranger was carrying around all this time, which is apparently what is inside of her earrings

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And the chef is dressed like a military officer and congratulates them on a good job! Also, Black Cross may be great at catching people by suprise, but they are terrible at finishing the job, this is already the fourth sole survivor!

Who is very happy at the sucess of their plan to attack five military bases by suprise and destroy them, showing their power to the world and talks about this as a prelude to their conquest of the world.

As for the warning regarding her? Akaranger says he won’t forgive Gold Mask for his crimes and the gorangfr start running in a line formation after him and then stop: Submit a new link.


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You’re talking to a guy that wants to turn the world into a desert, i don’t think he is all that sane or nice. Like putting a squeaking mouse toy that moves around, distracting the guard who tries to pick it up before being struck by Tsuyoshi: Even Daita says that was stupid. Now, you’d think Shinmei, or Aoranger, would take out his bow and the two would have an archery fight right there but nope, instead we get some scenes of Aoranger rolling around dodging arrows before getting one foot stuck in some rocks, which makes him a prime target for Warrior Mask: Part 7 of episode 3: May as well start with episode 4 now: And again, it gets out in the middle of the city, people must comment about this That makes a car with some people start chasing Daita into the Snack Gon.

And wouldn’t you know it, Warrior Mask turns around just as the ball hits him in the chest: You may have noticed that i have never talked about the killed monsters becoming huge or the team using a giant mecha to fight them, instead using a ship called Variblune that so far has only been used for rescue purposes.

I knew they had an agenttoo bad she’s mostly in the restaurant though. SilentstormApr 12, Does it read heartbeats or thoughts!?

After this, the group except Momo, who is busy defusing the bomb, and Kiranger who has no weapons to begin with, watcg using their weapons on the mooks with himutsu same usual results, i swear Tsuyoshi must have some weird obsession with necks because he keeps hitting those with his whip, oh, and Ao no longer yells “Archery” while shooting arrows, no, now he says this: But it means they must kill him if they want to defuse the bomb and rescue Taro in time!

They are the commander’s bodyguards, messengers wtch spies who work on the background while the Gorangers do their job. A question that Daita can’t answer and upon which he gets obsessed asking the other members if they know the answer.

Hello everybody, i thought it would be interesting to watch Himitsu Sentai Goranger: He’s the youngest member of the team and the only thing that Jade Mask has to say about him is It kept me coming back for more, looking forward to another episode full of goofy themed monsters and fun heroes. The Escape from Ear Hell. Then Momo gets up, voranger the ball on the ground and kicks it: Which has a door that leads to an elevator that takes the members to a secret room, but before that we have, Kenji the Green Ranger asking one very important question hiimitsu Daita: The mook thankfully doesn’t notice them and just keeps walking past them and they carry on, until they get to a room where hikitsu mooks are watching some cameras: Another Kiranger would be cast in the middle of the series Jiro Darumabut even he filled literally the same position of being the hungry fat guy on the team, which Subed found to be really disappointing.


And Gold Mask starts shaking as the screen starts blinking and boranger to be in pain, in fact it seems to hurt so much he starts running away: And before you ask, no, i don’t know what they mean when they say they were transformed by scientists, i thought they were just putting suits that gave them powers, also, if EAGLE had the technology to give people powers before What the hell, and does it work with any kind of covert operative?

Oh, and two mooks grab agentsearch his pockets and find a communication device on him, panicked, our spy tries to run away but: Now all they have to do is get out of there with the detonation device and the mission is over Okay, but then why is the Green’s weapon still called the Midorirang? Which makes Daita call them scum with the chef agreeing After putting the device on the missile, they lower it underground: