Debuted in Episode 16 where Ken-Riser cannot beat Giant Zora that uses teleportation power and after changed its form to Juu-Riser, it still cannot beat Giant Zora due to the limitations that cause Juu-Riser move slower than Ken-Riser. Using the InLoader, Yuka transforms into Riser Kageri, the Justiriser that is formed in combination with her ‘Virtue’ and uses the power of it. It also has a button at the top of the screen that says “Watch more anime” that will lead you to other sites where you can find many other shows C: And I thought Sazer X came out on the 9th. He later picks up a more powerful finisher, “Flash Blazer” which is a backhand slash that releases a single wave of extremely powerful blazing slash to counter more powerful enemies. Where can you find a zip of all the soul eater episodes English dub?

Just because he hadn’t watched the tapes, doesn’t mean he hasn’t watched it. I doubt it’s as bad as the way they film Hibiki. As the Justirisers grow as warriors, Demon Knight starts to harbor a rivalry against Glen after being defeated by him when the Justiriser achieved his full potential and causing him to lose his ability to change. He can perform close-ranged moves such as Arm Blazer , a chopping move that is ignited with heat-infused plasma, and Riser Burn in which it can activate its shoulder emblems to create a flame tornado that burns giant enemies. When the Justirisers flee the hidden base after encountering Hades, Zora attacks the Justirisers as she destroys the Stellar Plate. I won’t take it so literally if you don’t act so literal.

But once exposed, Jinno battles the Justirisers in both human form and as Demon Knight. She also arms herself with various kinds of batons, clubs, and truncheons.


He decided running away from them, making his college friends teasing about it. Diglos firing beams, Diglos overpowers Ryuto.

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When will new inuyasha episodes be dubbed in English? English dubbed Naruto all episodes? Each one is equipped with an In-Loader that allows them to generate a high-powered suit of armor that transforms them into a Justiriser.

The design of his black-coloured suit’s is based on the Japanese Yamabushi Hermit Monks of the Shugendo Doctrinewith the helmet design having peisode Tortoise Motif. Where can you find nana English dubbed? Page 1 of 3.

When is durarara episode English dub come out? How can you find kodocha English dub? Where can you watch naruto English dubbed episodes? Where can you find Case Closed episode English dub?

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But managing to escape and seeing conquering the planet impossible, Kurogane summons the Diglos to Earth to wipe it out from the universe. Where can you find all episodes of Justirisers and Sazer x dubbed in Hindi or English?

But it is still ongoing on English dub. She fell in love with Jinno after a period of time, eventually becoming a medium for the Riser Power.

I’m hoping space toon India bz they are showing some modo tv animes.

The question is not where to find this episode unless you prefer fan dubit is when it will be released. Sazer X episode 1 The Raw is out if you can’t wait for the sub http: Unlike Shouta, who is set in his path of protecting humanity, Yuka is much more conflicted. Views Read Edit View history. When is hunter x hunter ova episodes going to be English dubbed?


The In-Loader also acts as a communications device between the three Justirisers. This series is the second in Toho’s Seishin Star God series. If you go to dubhappy.

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The rundown about the dub episodes is: The time now is Or if Adult Swim, or Cartoonnetwork is going episde show it. His awakening traces back from the same incident as Yuka which he helped in the evacuation of those running away from the attack, but caught himself nearly crushed by the rubble caused in which the Justipower of Thunder indwelled him and created a similar barrier that protected him.

It has many powerful weapons of its own, including: He has feelings for Yuka. Take those numbers with a grain of salt; I got them from Wikipedia. Being a warrior himself, he easily overpowered the Justirisers himself in his initial introduction, attempting to offer Gant the chance to join his army.

Try reading the manga that’s what I am going to do, it has more story after what happens in the series infact it’s still ongoing.