Mi-ryung is huffy, but Manager Hwang has misgivings about one big tidbit: On the contrary, I am used to dramas keeping secrets forever until the end and this big revealing was quite quick. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Anyways if you could recap I Summon You Gold not just because it has the vampire ahjussi but there is some fantastic acting and a great storyline. If it’s not dad! Maybe there’s a much bigger reason than that; nevertheless, I’m still hating on her character. So this is me giving fair warning that weekly recaps of this show may be on the way out—the week-to-week output of this drama offers too little payoff to make it worth it.

About me Just a girl in her 20s with a passion for Japan and South-Korea! I also love the fact that Soon Shin is so matter of fact with him about things which is really refreshing. I’ve seen the episode more than once and it still brings me to tears. The moments of interaction between Soon shin and Jun-ho make the episodes worth watching when all they give us is angst. They’re also really close in real life, so i think all this talk about someone deserving over another isn’t really necessary. In 50 episodes, you get so much, from the development, to the detailed plot and to all the characters that make the story a whole. Joubibs September 28, at 9:

Mi-ryung is pretty icy about cutting loose her manager of 30 years, though she does betray emotion when he mentions seeing an old friend besg other day — Lee Chang-hoon. I really have no idea what happened coz the crappy shows are getting subbed faster lol as a result i wasted 2gig watching nail shop paris coz I summon You Gold couldn’t come out faster!


On one hand, this means the secret is finally out and that everybody knows and now we can move on already, thank goodness. He was my first second-lead crush And Jun-ho ever so gently and sweetly took soon-shins hand!!! I was even surprised that you decided to pick up this drama when you did, considering the commitment it would take for this project.

You’re the best Lee Soon Shi – Drama review

So far, with the three sisters, I don’t dislike any of them, probably because things have just begun. Hope you continue sharing! YIN is a person very sweet and nice on real life. You read my mind!! But if you decide not to, just send out a message because I do check out your site several times a day just to see if you’ve done the recap. And this is a show that, at its worst, is barely watchable—i. Luckily its JJS we’re talking about! Or am i already wrong? So sad to hear you may not be recapping anymore.

She’s so cynical of what her colleagues will say if they besh found out that she has a boyfriend. So, imagine that plus the fact the LSS is not even her real sister I want to follow this drama and it would be awesome if you do a recap now and then.

He is in a sort of a grey zone.

The secret actually came out a lot earlier than I expected, but I’m glad it finally did. Someone needs to pull her down before I can sympathize for her.

Episodes by LollyPip.

I’m soooo glad I’m the oldest and I have no sisters. It’s not a case of the daughter taking after her mom, you could be married to the WGE in 30 years! Age is after all just a number.


Now she knows that’s really her granddaughter, then she tried to be fake nice to her. Stardust March 19, at 6: Soon-shin finally picks up her phone, answering when Manager Hwang calls to ask for a meeting.

I guess it helps as well that she does the heavier scenes with veteran actresses and actors, as they are able to guide her acting. I like watcn as well, along with our lead couple You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

She turns coldly and walks out bext a second glance. It was a delight to read them and remember every event with a drop of critique. And of course Bread Man continues to be a highlight. Call if she wants to contract with him — and only then.

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I missed a few episodes where apparently Soon-shin’s mom came to her senses and now supports Soon-shin. So llee fascinating and absorbing just scrutinising his every facial expression that are so spot-on that I can really feel his emotions in every second of his acting I love Lee Soon Shin’s character already – hopefully episode 3 will be good!

But I can’t really hate her.