The bacon on top of the monkfish, that looks absolutely delicious. There’s something you should know. We can’t waste time. Apparently, that was the problem. I’m just praying and hoping that the monkfish is not overcooked because if it is, we could be losing a vote. I have five more fish coming up. Just do it all in one.

These guests made their dreams come true and we want to do the same. I think it’s under. Tonight, in the MasterChef restaurant, we’re gonna be welcoming some very special guests who have all made their childhood dreams come true. Right, home cooks, please follow us – into the MasterChef kitchen. How heavy handed were you with the seasoning? I’m going with the monkfish. We need to work together and step up our game, because if we don’t win, I’m gonna be upset. Go ahead, go ahead.

Well done, red team. We were saying earlier, if there’s one individual out there tonight, that can absolutely nail a New York strip, it has to be you.

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Out comes Olympic gold medalist Jennie Finch. So today, I made a pan seared New York strip steak, fries, and a peppercorn sauce.

The winning team will receive a huge advantage in the next stage in this competition. Well I mean Miss Piggy: Now, – it looks a little bit bloody, okay? Maybe if you’d just gotten out of my way, I’d be lifting that MasterChef Junior trophy by now. In fact, two big surprises.


So you don’t really have to do very much to it. Tonight, a giant mystery box full of surprises. Ooh, I’m mastercehf nervous. My big concern is that Adam sometimes, as a leader, becomes a very one-man team. You’re basting it already?

So I’ve always known that I wanted to do ballet. Okay, so we got rack of lamb, we got clams– ew, it’s moving. Make sure that steak is cooked to a beautiful mid-rare and that fat renders out. Show me what you were showing her. Red team, blue team, we are down to seven minutes to go.

I’m very sad wxtch be leaving. So you turn the steak upside down and it’s just colored beautifully underneath as it is on top. So this person is a very strong cook in the kitchen. I’m picking this person because I know they can do really, really well on the grill. We can’t waste time. Well, home cooks, why don’t you guys go outside.

Masterchev It’s not you. One, two, three – Watcg team! It worked a lot more balance for me. Don’t let me stop you. Steak in the pan. Let’s do the rack.

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Sauce, a little bit too thick. My steak was perfect. What does that mean? That’s the steak, and those are the frites. Swedish Chef, I’m a big fan of yours. Please welcome two incredible Olympic athletes.


Inside your crates, you have three proteins to mqsterchef from tonight, rack of lamb, monkfish, and littleneck clams. You’re upset, I understand why. You can’t let a pig in the competition.

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Guys, do an assembly line, come on. Yeah, it’s good, though. I am blown away by the presentation right now, it is beautiful. I’m looking at my dish and I’m kinda worried. Ugh, how long does this take? Separate them out next time a little bit more.

I think I can do the lentils and the veggies. How well do you think you’ve done? I really think that our team deserved it.

We’re not using the clams, are we? She’s confident, she’s poised, she’s not afraid to speak up, which I think makes a great team leader. Because you nailed it tonight.

The bacon on top of the monkfish, that looks absolutely delicious. It’s looking real good.