Because I may be going out on the limb here, but for you to get that angry with Sarah, it must be coming from some deep emotional place. Sonya says they cancelled the naming day weeks ago, but apparently Stonie didn’t pass on the message. Come on guys, you’ve got to stop assuming what is best for me. She thanks Angie and says she’ll bear that in mind. Number 30 Angie is telling Sonya stories about other babies while Sonya looks far from relaxed. Accommodation Type Retirement Village. It’s her work, apparently there’s been a mix up with an order and she’s got to go in.

Well I can’t think straight what with all that crying and carry on. Karl confronts Susan at the newspaper office, asking why she’s being so stubborn about the job offer. She says that they can just be friends or nothing, and he walks out. You can also take a bus to various part of the city, with a bus stop just outside the village entrance. Sarah wishes him the best. Erinsborough News Susan apologises to Sarah for jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Erinsborough News Karl asks Susan how she could give up a job offer like that. Angie smiles self – assuredly. Karl has a go at Paul about keeping Sarah in Erinsborough, but Paul 657 that it was nothing to do with him, and the orders came from higher up. Sonya says they can’t stop being excited about Nelly, but they have to respect what they’re going through.

At Charlie’s, Paul bumps into Matt, and they talk briefly about Rani completing her little pick at Lassiter’s. Angie asks Toadie to get her bags for her. Karl tells Sarah to leave it with him, he’ll sort it out. Snapshot Accommodation Type Retirement Village. Are you an advertising client? Did you wstch it could be 13 weeks or more to secure an aged care home? She’s about to take Nell but Angie tells her not to take Nell, she can watch her.

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Sonya is trying to help Angie with a crying Nell, but Angie insists that it’s wach the first time she’s dealt with a Rebecchi watcu. She says people are treating her differently, such as when Toadie bolted earlier after she saw the present he had gotten Nell, and how they cancelled the naming day because of them.


The email address is not made public and will only be used if you wish to receive a new password or receive news or notifications by email. It is easy to make new friends He had lunch with Bob earlier and recommended her for a job as a Consultant.

She’s annoyed as she realises that Angie gave her formula instead of the expressed breast milk in the fridge – as Neigubours had asked – and Angie suggests that maybe Sonya should have made herself clearer. Looking for aged care?

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Vanessa breaks down and admits she’s struggling to be alone with her thoughts Paul walks around Matt and approaches Karl. Vanessa wishes they would just ask her.

Lucas knew about it, he says they’re just trying to neighbougs parade their healthy baby in front of them, they don’t know how to act. Karl confronts Susan at the newspaper office, asking why she’s being so stubborn about the job offer. I’m not going to break every time you mention Nell and I have no problem with you holding the naming day tomorrow.

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But for the past to have such an impact on today. I made a mistake with Sarah, that’s all. Sonya tries to get her to stay, with no luck. As Angie carries on with her stories, the phone goes off and Sonya leaps to answer it. At Charlie’s Karl comes in to collect his order and finds Sarah drinking alone.

Sonya is about to argue but then stops herself. Matt has heard that Rani has completed day one of her duties at Lassiters. Paul says he tried to look after Susan in all this, telling him he organised Susan’s job offer at the Star, but Susan didn’t take it. Toadie and Sonya apologise, they didn’t want to upset her. Vanessa grabs her bag and leaves. Paul thinks she got off too lightly.


Sonya is angry as they’re trying to keep Nell on natural milk for as long as possible.

That doesn’t change whether Sarah is here or not. Lesley Baker Sarah Beaumont: Harold’s Angie and Susan are catching up, while Vanessa and Lauren enter. Toadie wants a hug with the baby, but Sonya says that it took her ages to get her to sleep, so he’ll just have to hug his fiancee neighnours. He mentions that, three weeks ago, they almost kissed, and says that he still loves her. Karl tells him that it’s causing stress for everyone and Paul should think about doing something for someone else for a change – Paul then tells Karl that he got Susan the job offer watvh the Star.

She decides that the whole situation is ridiculous and leaves the room. Sonya says they cancelled the naming day weeks ago, but apparently Stonie didn’t pass on the message. She says that Toadie was weird with her earlier, and now they’ve cancelled the naming day – but she’s upset to realise that Lucas knew all about that. Lauren tells him she’s looking for work, Lucas tells her there are some jobs going at Harold’s.

Number 30 Angie is holding baby Nell who is crying loudly, while a worried Sonya tries to get Angie to hold Nell properly.

I know it’s not the same thing Susan. Lauren thanks Vanessa for putting in a good word with Lyn for her, mentioning the rattle which she gave to Lucas. It did mean something to me.

She says that the way Susan spoke to her was terrible, and it wasn’t just about the job offer. She agrees to keep her distance, neighboours Karl admits that he can’t give up on Susan and his marriage. Login to your File TM to access the forum.