His initial reply is that he’s already told her but she wants the truth, all of it. Mark does not initially believe Kyle, but after seeing Holland taking a bribe, Mark arrests him. Mark Brennan also referred to as Brennan is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours , played by Scott McGregor. We’ve been waiting for weeks and finally hunky Brennan’s back on the street. However, Mark did not know that Rebecca was responsible as he had been thrown by the false alibis. Once she leaves, Mason winds his grandfather up that Sheila likes him! I thought I’d lost you forever.

Retrieved 27 April Mark begins spending more time with Sonya, making Steph feel left out. However, Mark did not know that Rebecca was responsible as he had been thrown by the false alibis. Mark almost has sex with Izzy Hoyland Natalie Bassingthwaighte , but they are interrupted and he leaves. Retrieved 28 April Mark and Elly resume dating, and their relationship slowly becomes more serious. Mark supports Sonya Eve Morey when she becomes the victim of a poison pen letter campaign.

However, she misses the deadline and Mark leaves without her. As they’ve been chatting, we’ve cut to seeing topless Mark out jogging and as he stops to do some stretching we see a sizeable scar just above his ribcage.

Mark asks Fay to return to Erinsborough and she reveals that Louise was Russell’s watchh and is suspected of causing his death. I’m going to miss you.

The Sydney Morning Herald. He later saves her from being kidnapped by Stephen. Lucas and Vanessa’s flat Karl is round to deliver what Steph said to him to them and the extra bit was that she was the one responsible for all the ex – husband stuff. Retrieved 17 February Number 26 Kate lets Mark into the house relived that he is indeed alive. A writer for Buzz magazine became bored of the repetitive nature of the storyline surrounding Mark trying to ask Kate out again.

While discussing their future, Mark and Paige get engaged. Number 30 Kate is over telling Georgia all that has happened and she asks if she’s going to fall for Mark again and Kate replies she is trying not to think of that! On their wedding day the police find stolen items with Paige’s fingerprints on them, and Mark arrests her. When Chloe reveals that she has Huntington’s diseasean incurable hereditary disease, Mark is tested but learns he does not have the condition.


In Decemberit was announced that Mark would become a regular role. Mark raises the subject of having children with Steph and she tells him she is open to the idea of having a child with him in the future. Retrieved 30 August Do you think this is how everyone is going to remember me? He later apologises and tries to convince Paige to take him back, but she refuses, wanting to find direction in her life and believing they are too different.

Retrieved 10 September Naomi breaks up with Mark and he learns that she has feelings for Paul. Do you think you’d still be with him then? Retrieved 8 June He later kisses Elly, but she knows that he is not over Paige and he apologises.

Neighbours Kate & Mark scenes 6651

I still feel like all this started that day. The writers also went through their research with him. Jack punches Mark during an argument about Gabe.

Mark then learns that Montague had an alibi for the time of the shooting. I know I told him to move on but when I saw him and Vanessa and their son, it really hurt. His initial reply is that wacth already told her but she wants the truth, all of it.

Mark accompanies the group to the hospital, where he runs into Kate. However, Steph fears that her mental health problems will return and Sonya offers to nrighbours their surrogate. Kate is sure that there is still stuff Mark isn’t telling her and how he reacted to Mason wasn’t like him at all or at least the Mark she knew.

He explains why he didn’t talk to her at the lake he saw her with another guy and figured it was easier to stay out of her life. Mark later 66511 during an eclipse and tried to win Kate back.


Mark befriends Stephanie Scully Carla Bonnerand they share a kiss, before deciding to remain friends. Kate chooses Mason and Mark leaves.

Mark accepts a job at the garage. Mark and Aaron support Tyler and force Russell to leave. Mark returned during ” Episode “, which focused on an eclipse.

She doesn’t answer that question directly, citing that she needs to process all that has happened, so he hands her his number asking for her to contact him, before exiting the house. Retrieved 25 April When Brennan tells her he still loves her it’s hard because she thought he was dead and had let go of him. Retrieved 4 November The police follow a stolen car back to Dimato and Brennan arrests him. Paul wakes up from his coma and implies that Diana pushed him.

Mark and Paige get back together. Kate realises she needs answers too and the next dilemma is whether to tell Mason just now or not! He made his first appearance during the episode broadcast on 30 August Sienna returns once again to try and win Mark back, but he rejects her.

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Things escalate and Mark is asked to go into witness protection until the trial. Retrieved 13 April He neighoburs, but she discovers that Paul has been neiyhbours Mark out with their dates and ends their relationship.

Mark tells Kate that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, but wanted to see where things stood between them first. Mark Brennan also referred to as Brennan is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighboursplayed by Scott McGregor. Retrieved 26 June