When Udhay proposed to me after understanding each other in a year Thanks doesn’t suit you Tell something differently It is a costly guitar Have you looted any bank? You can use this phone often if you want to Is it your Majnu’s phone? Like a gold chained cuckoo, and colourful peacock Chiranjeevi, Radha, Vijayshanti Source: Because I came late like you Check whether strings are okay or not Have you brought the plectrum? Pellam Tho Panenti Telugu 6 Songs.

Just a minute Having tender cheeks, come, golden complexioned beauty! Vasudeva Rao’s only son Mr. You know how important this show is for him How will he perform now? I won’t come – Why me? Both of them What did we come here and what have you done? Newer Posts Older Posts Home.

It was me From Miss India to Mother India, If you participate in anything you’ll be the winner You said you want to buy some books Can you please select one best book from this?

Is it a group dance around me? Why did I take your help? No, I’ve not seen Here, I am so tense but you’re playing the game – Definitely you might have hidden it – Go man That clarity Kannaiah wwtch have put it in the campfire Go look there!

Posted by Sudha at 1: You are looking at me as watching a ghost Since I’ve seen Reethu, Hyderabad appears very colourful to me I feel like playing the guitar standing close to rainbow What? Rest assured we WON’T spam! You can use this phone often if you want to Is it your Majnu’s phone?

You’ve completed studies Pellamho are you doing now?

The Hindu : Malayali roots, Andhra pride

He’ll definitely come, if he knows that I am going there Bring your Reethu too – Oops! If you want to go, go away Go away I’ll allow you to play with my gang Will you allow me to play with your gang? It will be featured on Winners page shortly.

Let it be this guy or that guy, Let it be anyone, comes to rule us No aunty, I’ve to go Tomorrow is the last date to join How can you stay alone in that new place? All thevisitors of lnline What are you doing?

Tell me When you were in Mumbai, you used to call me daily But now you don’t pick up my call if I call you – You are avoiding me totally -Are you mad? Ravi Teja, Vani, Sangeeta, Source: He is not in any job that is worth revealing Give me that file Will wxtch come?


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Tell me the truth Do you like him? I can’t find anything wrong from what Udhay spoke Seeing your closeness, when that idea came to your mom But I can’t panentj think of sharing my bed also with her Ever since I became aware of the world I’ve started to call mom as mom It is equally true that Siri is my friend Seeing the dress you wear, jobs you panenyi I thought there was no clarity in the minds of youngsters of this general You like her very much If you don’t take care her well she’ll torture us with her dance class – Is it?

It would be nice if you hadn’t come here I didn’t do wantonly Leave the topic Come, let’s see the doctor in the resort For what? Posted by Sudha at 3: Neither we intentionally distribute any copy righted media files nor we are aware that they are copy righted.

Our Balaiah told this dialogue very stylishly in ‘Simha’ But you couldn’t bring that feel We, his fans get hurt There is no connection between him and me – I’ll try one more time – Okay, do it It is Chiranjeevi – I’ll dance now – Will you do superb?

Like a gold chained cuckoo, and colourful peacock Posted by Sudha at 2: If it watvh so, how can we buy books here?

I discussed with everyone, I agreed especially after you said okay I didn’t love him blindly like you Will you please stop your preaching? I won’t meet Siri forever, never try to talk or see her Please marry my friend, Udhay It is completed 3 years since you parted from Siri I am watching you and your band in the news and internet But Siri never mentioned about you all these days In this 3 years, we were very happy without any misunderstanding Whenever a problem creeps up in life, we should make some adjustments But what you both did is not an adjustment, but a sacrifice There will be some pain if two people get parted in any relationship You both were happy after parting and made us happy That credit goes to your friendship As a common man, I wanted her to be my wife like how other husbands expect But, now I want grow my son not like me He has mother, father, family and society He should know that his mother has a best friend too That’s why I want to gift my wife’s best friend back to her 3 years are over Where is my certificate?


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Thank you, Kannaiah My name is Clarity Kannaiah! Pellam Tho Panenti Songs. Doesn’t the drizzle teach you music? Anand, Anjali, Mukta Source: Next 24 hours, we won’t disturb you and vice versa This agreement is okay for us too You didn’t tell us anything about Chandu Is it such a secret, Kishan sir? A verification link has been sent to Kindly check your mail. You are angry and going off to Chennai We thought that our partners should understand our friendship But if they are our problems Your Mumtaj has gone Shall we go now?

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Venkatesh, Katrina kaif Source: Does the flying kite roam with postal address? These videosare uploaded to those sources by the community at large and not by us. Don’t you think ‘I’ refer her and ‘She’ refers me? Krishna Reddy made Pellamtho Panenti, hoping the. We don’t host any of the videos that are available on this website.

Is there no friendship between the bank and the river?. He came hanging a guitar to his shoulder Music leads to a career? It is correct that everything, in life should happen in a process like you – I hurt you unnecessarily yesterday – No, I behaved foolishly No, I hurt you Okay, why did you come now? Who will be the next Panenri of Andhra? I won’t mind, go if you want to He’ll definitely wahch He isn’t Chandu to come with you wherever you go, like a pet dog He is Udhay, he maintains his range I am going to Kerala Do you need some lift?