So they just had the impression that he was shooting still pictures, and didn’t care really – hence we was able to film things which you would not be able to film in theory. The Great European Cigarette Mystery Is there any real danger of this happening, or is it political hot air simply to express dismay with the theme or methods used in the film? You have a swag style! Watched it on Netflix a month or so ago. But I have no idea what will happen.

Diversity in the Video Games Industry see more Ondskabens anatomi — Ove Nyholm Menneskenes land – Anne Regitze Wivel Now that The Ambassador is coming out, do you have any plans or ideas for the next project? Hi Mads, big fan of your work. A large fire in destroyed many of the town’s old buildings. Hvorfor ringer de f. The festival has been recognized for its sharp and daring programme profile with a special focus on exploring the hybrid field between documentary practice and various type of staging – sometimes to controversial effect, as when Harmony Korine won the CPH:

I didn’t calculate the overall costs for setting up business in CAR, because this would also include renting the penthouse suite, a driver, etc. When did it occur to you, during the production of the film, that you weren’t bullshitting people, but rather the one being bullshitted?

Omvendt findes der fiktive personer i politiets rapport, som aldrig har eksisteret, som er wqtch som vidner og alt muligt andet. He wrote about how he had anal sex with a girl from Brazil, and was afraid that he might have gotten an HIV. Do you prefer making the fairly serious documentaries like The Ambassador or the less serious stuff like the interview with Jesse Jane.


Hi im Mads Brügger, director of the documentary The Ambassador, IAMA 🙂 : IAmA

Member feedback about 29th Robert Awards: How John Dalli the EU commissioner of health was accused of being in the pocket of tobacco companies. How did you get the money for the film? Are these actually what this guys movies are? Would you rather fight duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

Title year – “optional short description” [HH: Use the HTML below. What a fascinating documentary. How much money did myseriet cost in total to get your “credentials” and set yourself up in CAF?

Quatrari do you think can be done to address rampant corruption in African? This should be answered. And thank you for watching: Is there any real danger of this happening, or is it political hot air simply to express dismay with the theme or methods used in the film?

Thank you for such a ballsy and entertaining documentary! Share this Rating Title: The mix of dark humor with a bit of tension near the end makes it quite entertaining. Mysterist is it like to be seen by so many people in one day? Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.


The Red Chapel was a great documentary. I forget its title.

Member feedback about Medieval dance: Thanks for supporting myteriet films. Thats a difficult question, because mysteriiet the first female African head of state she has a lot symbolic meaning to women in Africa. To venner — Paw Charlie Ravn He lied to good people and should compensate them. This documentary really opened my eyes to the kind of exploitation and corruption going on in that part of the world.


At Madison Square Garden: Yes, I clearly was upset.

Also, thank you for doing this AMA. Industries include the manufacture of processed food, iron and machinery, wood and furniture, textiles and chemicals.

I’m sure yours are good too. I loved ‘The Ambassador’.

This has occurred once, in The name probably derives from holdested ved broen lit, “a resting place by the bridge”. Please be respectful to other users But I am a firm believer in the luck of fools: Also, how many languages does Maria speak???

The way I see it is that the ending of the movie is somewhat anticlimatic, and I’m wondering if you would have liked to go forward with the deal, and where do you musteriet yourself stopping you do get a lot invested with the characters that you portray, imho.

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