And the third season concludes with Peter destiny meeting head-on and the death of a member of the team. I’m getting some Olivia-vibes from her; it seems like she’s someone who will annoy the other girls but won’t say a bad thing about the other girls throughout the season. But the whole hands in hair, dementor-type kisses on woman after woman in quick succession alters the magic of that type of kiss? My sister works with her and before the season even started she told me Crystals voice was going to drive me nuts. I think part of it is because she is so normal and seems down to earth which Arie said is part of why he picked her for that date and most women watching will relate to her more than others, where guys watching tend to focus on the woman they most want to fuck frequently regardless of her personality I love the bachelor producers trolling all these designer shoe loving princesses by making them pretend to be excited about a demolition derby. Jenny if you’re reading this and youre lonely DM me

He brought you to meet who? What else can she offer now that the mystery’s gone? This likely makes her feel that she is not enough, so she takes on the identity of someone else to be liked; her past has taught her that by being authentic and true to self, loved ones leave you. If she doesn’t win, is it too early for me to vote for the next bachelorette? I found his 1: The editors have done a great job by that bumper car scene hilarious , but they are also building back stories. I agree with you on the dates. I am getting a fatal attraction feeling from Krystal.

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Patti LuPone appears as himself. Although to be fair, I think they made Corinne seem a tiny bit worse than she was. I was thinking along the same lines – being a seeker versus being the one sought changed something. I love the role of Bibiana which is “acting like an actual human you went to high school with”. I was trying all night to figure out who Jenny girl who laughed an Annalise for crying reminded me of.


My guess is he is going to take her to fantasy suite because urges and then he will drop her because they would be a horrible couple for all the self evident reasons. Thank you Bibs for stating the obvious, that you dont know shit about Arie, YOU are trying to find out if you like HIM, and you dont like being interrupted by the slutty baby. April 28th, Short description: He made sure she was clear that this is serious.

Colton Underwood Current Bachelorette: It’s pronounced like it should be spelled Sienne. I thought both were kind of boring. Whereas the Becca date was just weird. Way to up the game with that reenactment. But maybe I liked him cause he was seeking d22e02 Emily’s attention also I just liked Emily vs.

She has no sense of identity and can only identify with what she w22e02 others will want talking in a baby, soothing voice makes her childlike. I know Arie is supposed to be a good kisser, but I got some serious salad finger vibes during scenes where he was making out with some of the ladies and rubbing his hand through their hair.

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Am I the only one who doesn’t buy Crystal’s ‘I lost my voice’ excuse? Just think the one ending with A over Y is still there. Anderson from the first season of Survivor were still with us today he might have some sympathy for Reem Daly.

A year-old girl and her parents make plans to stop a serial killer in his tracks. The editors have done a great job by that bumper car scene hilariousbut they are also building back stories. Also didn’t know how to add pictures.

I feel like we’re the same person, haha. It just seemed like way too much too aatch.

I guess we’ll have to wait and find survivro next week, as will Arie, while he is developing deeper connection with other women. You don’t s222e02 yourself serious. However, I thought they had a lot of chemistry and I liked the rest of their date. Said she was aiming to further traumatize that girl and she was serious.


Krystal and Julie maybe? I could believe that survivvor a legitimate excuse if she just had a raspy voice. You cannot call yourself mysterious. I’m pretty sure the date happened only a day or two after they met. I feel like they had two on nicks season as well. Liam told Annie that he did not want to go to college and Ryan asked Debbie to move to Paris with him.

Marikh’s makeup is TOO much. It was just so cute, it felt like whitnessing two people falling for each other and I’m sooo up for it.

And all of this is coming from someone who considers myself a grade A hater. Was it the editing?

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Respectful, very mature, but still not bothered. Dec 19 Brittany sets the new record for ‘most boob I’ve seen on this franchise’. Follow RedditBachelor for the latest twitter updates! On Emily’s season the whole first third of the show was in her hometown several 1on1s with no meeting of parents: May 24th, Short description: I think his appeal is lost on me.

It was nice to see. I get all the good vibes from her and Becca. Chelsea played herself by acting mysterious. It just seemed so superficial, OTT, sugar daddy-ish and not really a good way to get to know someone. What’d you think of his 1-on-1 with Becca? I just wanna say that other people call you mysterious. I agree with everything you say here but especially the rant about Bekah using her youth