We are Proud Patience came far in another Dreamhack. Our current focus is establishing the premier pro league for SCII, globally. Registration Yes, I want to learn about other offers via newsletter. We’ve been able to make some changes like more consistency in the map pool and better integration into the ladder of the WCS map pool. His opponent, PartinG, has proven to be one of the most consistent Protoss players in individual leagues. Tune in at http:

Also competing in the IEM World Championships , the Samsung Zerg player is going to have his work cut out for him as he prepares for both tournaments. Let’s see which player will be his next opponent. Registration Yes, I want to learn about other offers via newsletter. We have been sensitive to forcing strong changes upon these traditions, but obviously will keep the health of the system in mind with future seasons. Indeed the whole team flourished under those circrumstances and even after both Koreans went back to Korea our shrinked roster still suprised nearly everyone. DreamHack Stockholm Interviews: Will we see more from the Blizzard guys other than WCS today?

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The first and third ranked players have both played brilliantly this WCS season. I think it’s not fair to say we weren’t involved with the community or eSports. Social Media Twitter Facebook Instagram. How Scarlett stunned Bomber in one qcs StarCraft I’d like to think that we’ll soon be able to turn our focus in that direction.

WCS Reddit AMA Full Transcript – StarCraft II

We want the best players playing, we want compelling matches, and we want to make it an easy tournament to play in, no matter where you live globaly. Basically what thinking led you to remove region lock? Blizzard reveals StarCraft remaster, release da Solar has proven to be more than just your average Zerg.


As a team, we all try to watch as much as we can and always have WCS on if it’s live and then catch up VODs during our free time. For the moment, farewell Golden. Any thoughts as to ways that this might be improved for the WCS? Here is a small DH interview: We’re in talks rk8 local partners in this specific region, but currently don’t have anything to share at this moment. Season 3 for will be relatively short.

More info to come soon!

World Championship 2014

Keep in mind that there were never regional requirements to compete in a tournament like GSL. Kim Phan, Senior eSports Manager. We’re watching this closely for sure. And, in the interest of the best possible competitive scene seeing the strongest players rise to the top, but also leaving opportunities for breakout players to shineare there any early thoughts as to format changes for the and onwards WCS tournaments?

Some of the things we think went right include global player ranking, centralized, easy-to-find place for major SC2 eSports, daily top-quality SC2 matches in free HD during the seasons, and integration of seasoj tournaments like DreamHack and HomeStory Cup into acs system via WCS points.


Do you do it at work?

Where does Blizzard see WCS in 5 years? Do you have any major plans for WCS eufopeor is it too long till that?

I think its fair to say that there are issues online with players using additional software to gain an advantage, be it a map hack, exposing of production tabs or being able to see what an opponent is doing in general – are these being mitigated in particular for online tournaments or events? Overall, after the first season of WCS, what do you think have gone right and what have gone wrong? What would you like to change and what would you like to keep? WCS Korea remains solely Korea.

So keep an eye out! Be sure to tune in at wc. Threads are sorted under each of the participants: I’ve said this in other posts, but these tournaments by themselves were never easily accessible to players globally, nor easy to watch if you weren’t in Korea.

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