Thank you all so much for helping us get here. Plus— it has audio input Green 12″ Amber 12″ S Here are some tips for those who would embark on such a project. They are sincere, hard working and appreciative. They’re a handsome addition to any room. As a personal preference, 1 favor a combination of Sector Inspector and Disk Utility. The Rainbow Check Plus The small box accompanying a pro- gram listing in the rainbow is a “check sum” system, which is designed to help you type in programs accurately.

I would like to express my thanks to one of your advertisers. I have a year’s supply of rainbow but I have never seen this program. The solution is to double-check every line in the program before running it the first time, rainbow makes this easy to do because programs are listed in the same 32 character width format. After these two questions are an- swered, a title screen appears. We will appreciate knowing of in- stances of violation of Seal use. Also, please include a few facts about yourself.

This item is an inexpensive AMP connector that fits the plastic ribbon cable. A Patch for DeskMate Editor: You’ll also note that we’re planning on running copies of the best CoCo Cat color renditions in future issues — our way to help carry our Fifth Anniversary celebration throughout the year. I’d prop my fists on my hips and launch into them with a “Ha, ha, ha.

You must learn to operate, modify, and design their circuitry to escape from Robotropolis! The battle that turned the tide of war.

Packed with the nutrition you need for “wp-power” TSEDIT comes with more than the minimum daily requirement of powerful features: In order to move the player one step to the left, press the key directly to the left of the’K’ the ‘J’ key. Created with basic, this well-known persona takes first prize. Try to do what the real Confederates couldn’t: The watch has light surface scratches and smudges. Do not try to rewire other types of keyboards.

With the pencil you can draw free hand lines, then use the eraser to make corrections or changes. You get ev- erything you need including a specially designed professional headset styie noise cancelling microphone. To paraphrase Tiny Tim, “Thank you, every one! After sampling his procedures, my greed took over. The best just got better! In the table, the wstch suffixes for ‘C and ‘K’ indicate the associated colorset. Spoft address is Alicia Walk, Apt.


I am 16 years old and don’t know anyone in my area that is an avid CoCoer. Please enclose an SASE when writing. In my mind I could see the pictures I wanted to draw, but could never get my hands to transfer them to paper.

The TRS Color Computer is the lowest priced micro with the capability for serious word processing. This is not intended as a “how to” article, but as a collection of helpful hints for satch who already has a good idea how to do the job. Use the following program if you wish to hand-assemble machine language listings: You will need to run at least 15 lines between the CoCo and the keyboard.

My address is BoxS0E 0A0. In those days they were called “electronic datch and took up a whole floor of a building.

All too often, authors evolve according to their interests: Dial Window Material Type: With high quality silicone band and stainless steel buckle. Fred Scerbo’s colors were de- fined relative to the production of orange when each screen weidd has a value ofhence the necessity for the color synchronization process. Radio Shack ROM 1.

If there is, please write satch call. Certification is open and available to any product per- taining to CoCo. Box 21 4 Fairport, N. Phyllis Disk Zapper to the Rescue Editor: The standard Color Computer display of 32 characters by 16 lines without lower case is simply inadequate for serious word processing.

If you choose to see the pictures automatically, Picture Show loads all the files on the disk and, if they are CoCo Max files, scrolls the pages by itself. Order one or more sets of binders and take advantage of these exciting offers: Special Discounts On Past Issues With This Offer lo help you complete your collection of THE rainbow, we’re offering a special discount xport past issues with the purchase of one or more sets of binders.


I also suggest running the Reset and Ground lines so you can put a remote Reset button on the watcu keyboard.

Full text of “Publications of the Modern Language Association of America”

Then, after a key is pressed, the building shows up, and some comments scroll at the bottom of the screen. We just happen to have some right here. Each time a Vic meets his end by step- ping into an acid pot, you get 12 points multiplied by the screen number. First, are there any farm pro- grams out there for the CoCo 2?

Judd Tenen- baum claimed our scheduled time “con- flicted wxtch my appointment for the tanning booth,” and Wendy Falk was way up in Badger Land, taking final exams at the University of Wisconsin. By the way, THE rainbow is the largest magazine dedicated to one computer in existence. Colorware’s advertisement accurately describes the product. I have been working to refine and improve the DYE command.

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Each issue shipped to you first-class. You want quick-and-easy gourmet software, not “junk food. Your turn is over when one of the Vies gets you or you weixe into a pot or a fence.

Pierce and Edith Taylor were across the street, “Are we on daylight time again? Not only will they learn new programming techniques, but trouble- shooting these nuisance errors will do wonders for their deductive powers of reasoning.