Excellent value, especially when on sale. The fill did not provide as full a body as expected. Consistent burn and draw. Has an earthy flavor and lasts a good while. Would recommend as an everyday smoke great value. I liked this cigar even though it was a bit “stout” for my everyday use. By far my favorite cigar!!!

This is a decent grab-n-go smoke at a great price. These sticks are a great everyday smoke. The aroma of these varied from charcoal starter, Naptha lighter fluid, burning wax crayons, and maybe even burning kerosene, and oh yes I’ve had good results with other HC cigars but not these. Besides the other 12 cigars my buddy sent me, I have four AVO blends sent to me by Small Batch Cigars that they dropped in free with an order. The flavor was good but the cigar winded up being too harsh for my tastes. Xikar chose other means. Came dried and falling apart.

We live in a large duplex at the end of a cul de sac. I am so enjoying this. Great cigar for golf and fishing. I found it hard to smoke due to its bitterness. These are a great value. An excellent smoke for the rwview. These are a great value.


These are good but a bit dried out.

Kickin’ Ash With Kayla: Xikar HC Maduro Cigar Review

Mild, good draw, very enjoyable. I tell them it takes an experienced palate which takes time.

And the smallest bit of coconut. I can’t xilar for the other sticks to age and get more complex! Prelight draw had a hint of chocolate.

Xikar HC Series Habano² | Cigar Review – Cigar Reviews by Phil ‘Katman’ Kohn

I gotta buy a stalk of that stuff at the grocery so I know what that tastes like. And this was one I smoked about a week after I got it – I can only imagine the experience being better after some time in the humi! Looking for more at a good macuro. My hands tremble and typing becomes a chore. Great flavor, burns very good and not bitter.

Starts medium and tapers off to a mild. This is my go to cigar for after a busy day at work. Notes of cedar and hay.

Good smoke but the cap falls off and wrapper falls apart destroying the last part and best part of the smke. The spiciness is very much like a Pepin Garcia Pepper Reiew.

The sweetness is extremely potent.


HC Series Black Maduro – Cigars International

Perfect even burn, nice ash and a great flavor with a smooth finish. They have a flavorful taste and good aroma for an inexpensive cigar. Oh well, you can’t hit a home run every time up. Flavor is just right for me. Good to humidify these real good for about 4 days before indulging. Even burn consistent flavor. Nice long burn for a robusto.

Xikar HC Series Maduro

Does not burn well. The three-country blend makes for complex flavors of earth mixed with notes of black pepper for a well-rounded experience.

Great Price–a few canoed, but over all a good everyday smoke. Great favor and no burning issues. Cutting grass, or relaxing around the fire, great taste nice even burn.

I would definitely recommend this cigar anyone that wants a quality smoking experience on everyday budget. A tad muddy on each end.