Love the songs, love the characters, love the plot. The guys each notice her as they pass — Tae-kyung with a sneer, Shin-woo with interest, and Jeremy with adorable willingness to sign her paper A. And I like the ethereal fantasy quality. Download the latest version here. Love everything so far. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

He grabs Mi-nyeo and drags her off to the adjacent studio, where his teammates are, and locks the door. You know, your older twin brother! The drama just has so many flaws in its logic. I like the balance with the completely naive character of PSH. And I like the ethereal fantasy quality. It’s really, really good.

Mi-nyeo drunkenly makes her way to the roof, enjoying the fresh air. Tae-kyung thrusts some music at her and tells her to sing. I know, I know, it’s just a drama but I can’t connect to a drama that doesn’t make any sense. You always need the mean pissed off character so that you can see the character change at the end, and the other two contrast him well.

I hope it does well.

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It is almost agony. I can’t wait to watch more! Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: I loved the first episode.

This airport sequence is absurd and over-the-top, but in a good way. Still, Mi-nyeo is fixated on Rome, and heads to the airport the day before the press conference. Tae-kyung is surly and cynical, constantly walking around with a frown on his face.


When he crouches to retrieve her fallen plane ticket as she grabs his dropped mp3 playershe realizes who it is.

Agency offices, where a crowd of fans camps out to get a glimpse of their idols. I agree they r all perfectly cast.

You’re Beautiful

It must have taken a long time. I am so glad you are recapping this! You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Park Shin Hye is added in dramacrazt favorite korean actress list.

What is the ending of You’re Beautiful (Korean Drama)?

Managers Hoon-yi and Sung-chan chase after yyou and bang on the window to no avail. Ah, if only we all had such luck. I totally agree with you that this is how you do a trendy drama. The same actions coming from a nun apprentice take on a different, oddball charm when coming from a trendy male pop star.

She panics and says no, so he suggests she get some air on the roof, then. Now I keep squealing and am absolutely dying to watch this drama. Tae-kyung bursts in and examines this unwanted new member with contempt.

I episodr Go Mi Nam’s character as well as all the othersand I feel like whenever they “overact” it’s actually very endearing and adorable. Do they get authorization for that? This is what Hana Kimi should have been. It’s as if the show is saying that the modern pretty boys are so, well, pretty that they’re practically girlfriends with uhhhh “stuff.

In any case, his constant pessimism contrasts starkly with the good-natured personalities of his two bandmates. I think it is going to be interesting how these two characters will interact and probably change each other.


I have high expectations of this drama now too, please don’t disappoint!!!! I’m sure their curiosity will rise as the series continue.

The concept of A. I love the grumpy ones The drama just has so many flaws in its logic. Afterward, she feels a lot better and takes in more of the air, just as Jeremy and Shin-woo join them on the roof. BBF went downhill, MFL Yyou didn’t bother with, it’s made me pay a lot more attention to the writing in dramas, which I barely thought about before, at least not this consciously, worrying about it for every single drama.

Download the latest version here.

You have NO idea how excited I was for this drama until I read your review. I like the balance with the completely naive character of PSH. Thanks for the recap JB, you’re amazing, as always. JGS doesn’t look as greasy or effete in the actual drama, more Jinki-level divalicious, but prickly, so me loves! Love the songs, love the characters, love the plot.