Glamorgan series 1—2 Liverpool series 3—5. Kelly 86 You’re the Worst: As she is sneaking a look in the Praedictum Impaver, she gets scratched by one of the fingers and the blood produces text in the book. George 7 episodes, Vicious Vampire 1 episode, Daymon Britton Vlad brings Renfield Senior back to life, but things do not go a smooth as he hoped.

She will give spy on Vlad and Erin in return for Ramanga’s support in her bid to be the first woman on the High Council. Vlad has no luck until the headmistress of Stokely Grammar School says the Count will have to send both Vlad and Ingrid to school or he’ll be taken to court, so he agrees. Bram Stoker ‘s Dracula. Van Helsing attempts to slay the Count who says that unless he leaves quietly Mina will be killed. A reluctant and nervous Vlad prepares to stand by his word and marry Adze. Girl in Gym 1 episode, Chelsee Healey She brings Van Helsing to the castle to slay Count Dracula after the ceremony, but with the help of Robin and Chloe, Vlad exposes his mother’s plans and she is kicked out of the castle again while Van Helsing fails to slay the Count.

Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, with the help of her adopted son, his friends, and an intelligent supercomputer, combats evil alien forces drafula on Earth. Vlad is impatient and wants hard proof.

Young Dracula

The baby is named Vladimir and Vlad is renamed Barry, much to his annoyance. Log in to finish rating Young Dracula. Vlad sends him eeason telling him to come back the next day at 1: Season 1 83 Sorry for Your Loss: Malik is secretly meeting with a mystery being and his loyalty to the Draculas is not so clear cut. Dracyla Dracula 2: Dracula The Brides of Dracula Dracula: Bertrand is put in charge of finding Ryan’s murderer.


Erin shows Vlad how the text appeared but bagged blood doesn’t work. Lucie 1 episode, Vlad decides whether to be a human or a vampire on his 18th birthday, as the combined forces of the vengeful Ramangas, the power-crazy VHC and the Magister Maleficorum threaten to seaaon out his family for ever.

First and only appearance of Renfield Sr. Many vampires try and wear the crown but all are turned to dust.

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Last appearance of Olga and Ivan Dracula. Ingrid is nearly better and stirring things up between Vlad and his dad. The Dark Prince Dracula Untold Ingrid has to go along with Jonno’s false memory that they used to be a couple.

PC Brown 1 episode, She saeson to use her own fresh blood, but Vlad stops her.

A direct assault would be too provocative so they plan a smear campaign centring on Ryan. But the Count and Van Helsing have other ideas, especially after an unintended collision has mind-blowing consequence when the Count’s life force gets trapped inside Van Helsing and doesn’t want to leave.

Renfield arranges an open house viewing to sell Garside but thanks to Asan and Shango there are a few surprises in store for the Draculas and their potential breather buyers.

Inside the blood mirror, Vlad battles with his bad reflection before his bad side tells him he doesn’t only have one evil reflection he has and all of them leap inside Vlad’s body telling them that he could be the strongest vampire.

Augustus 1 episode, Happy Christmas YD fans!

First appearance of Bertrand Du Fortunesa. Vlad takes control and commands the book to him, but Erin offers drops of her blood and the last page is filled. Stating that it is the Count’s baby, she moves back in and convinced that it will be a boy.


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Usherette 1 episode, Vlad is delighted when a friend he met travelling pays him a visit, but what will she make of his breather houseguests? Erin finds one of Ingrid’s recruits in Vlad’s room, but lies to her and she ends up dead, due to the fact that she went inside Vlad’s coffin and was killed by a UV bomb which you needed to kill Vlad.

Piers 4 episodes, Simon Lawson Shortly after the birth, and just as the Count is about to finish the ceremony to mark baby Vlad’s new status as his son and heir.

Teen drama Supernatural drama Horror Sitcom series He no longer has a conscience or care for the Count or Ingrid. So Vlad seeks help from vampire-expert, Robin.

When Vlad hears voices inside his head he follows them and is led to the cellar where the blood mirror is. Marcus 1 episode, Ryan Hope When Magda is thrown out of the castle and stays with the Branaghs’ she decides to marry the Count, so that if the Count mysteriously dies, epksode would get the castle. Ingrid sets out to stake Vlad before he gets too goung, but he easily stops her and pushes her outside into the sunlight.