Awww looks like we won’t be able to see Hanabusa and Andoh much this season. Anyway, This is a rom-com, along with lemons in the sixth chapter! Training with Hinako Isshoni Sleeping: There is also a YouTube page on it. Kashino and Ichigo take Amu’s offer and come back to Seiyo! Rated T for mild coarse language and romance.

Fate means to reunite them. I started watching animes with him and then I started wanting to watch alone so he gave me a list of clean animes that 12 years old girl could watch so yeah! They never told us what Ichigo and Kashino’s promise was. If You Love Me by Wolf Blossom reviews ‘If you love me, then you’d do it’ That was the new phrase for all girlfriends everywhere… except for one. New OP and ED are awesome. Different Things by Snavej reviews Oliver and Eugene’s school just got a new student and Eugene just got a ship load of new feelings. And Hanabusa looked more like a girl lol. Her heart cracks every time she thinks about how Ikuto left her without a peep But he will come back, she knows he will.

Mai and Naru have a blissful honeymoon planned with no haunting, no ghosts, no tales of murder, and definitely no monsters.

Cafe Noir, The Coffee Shop by Tropicalsun reviews A frustrated girl and a charming guy, both in unwanted arranged marriages meet at a coffee shop…and one thing leads to another.

Strawberry Fever by Blue -Niagra reviews Being in a relationship with Ikuto Tsukiyomi, Amu finds it hard to cool down her sexual fever After they swap wedding vows in front of the royal court they may consummate their marriage.


Tea Bags and Corsets by Snavej reviews The bar groaned under the weight of people pushing against it, desperate for liquor.

M – English – Romance – Chapters: And then he comes Now with surprises revealed on their sixth aniversary how will their lives change. Good premiere outside of Johnny annoying me however, his “confrontation” with Kashino was very funny. Sixteen year old Amu is in love with Ikuto, who has been missing for four years.

Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom Yueiro But they also lust for the other one.

He wants nothing but for his friend to be happy. Lost his charm completely to me: She was Mina Tepes so I know she can do it.

Or is there something more The same as Ichigo Urara in Pretty Cure 5? Story Story Writer Forum Community.

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It seems that we won’t see Hanabusa and Andoh as often as we used too: Hidden by hiya24 reviews Ghost in a house So I’ll deal with her for now. Can Naru really be such a beast? Just In All Stories: It was wnime no avail.

Gotcha Force Yumeiroo D2: If any readers feel restless please check this website out for any new animes, just search up the anime you watch recently then it would recommend you similar animes peofessional if you want something compltely i would love to help!!

Holy, there must be over a hundred shops! In my head by Indy reviews Little moments inside the minds of When she stumbles upon a Sweets Festival, she meets Henri-sensei who acknowledges her ability of taste and invites her to transfer to St. So Hanabusa and Andou are being replaced as main characters by a stereotypical loud, obnoxious American and boring Lemon? Utau gave Amu a very good idea and decides to give Ikuto ‘it’.


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Johnny’s only mildly annoying. Winx Club – Rated: Actually Johnny is a fun guy, but can’t hate him or like him. The experience Ichigo grandmother died while Ichigo was still too young to understand business and Kashino parents are doctors, very different profession patissjere gain is newer to them and much more valuable.

Retrieved from ” https: She was not always going to be a child after all.

Love Under the Full Moon by SilverMoonForever reviews Naru leads the team of SPR on a search for a girl that he made a promise to 10 years ago, but they have no clues to go by except for the fact that he met her in a cemitary in the little town of Majikku, and that Mai is gone! Amu Hinamori asked herself that question the very night that she slept with her best friend, Ikuto Tsukyomi.

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It makes this season look more “serious”. Read to find out! Epizode 4 you by xforgottenxcrystalxdestinyx reviews Sakura is caught between a bet and she has to become Syaoran’s slave for a week. That would make me happy.