You can bring me anywhere you want. The more he likes a girl, the more he tends to bully her and he even uses his powers as Tengu to become invisible and plays tricks on others. Reo’s Otome and Gaming Blog. Their first meeting was at school at night and Ojouchan accidentally triggering Merry, which moments later she ran away crying. Do you have time right now? Even if I am kind to you, I am still a youkai, yet you still feel safer with me?

Uguu Cage of Love because where else is safer? Why are you still outside until so late?! Once the youkai found a human who would love them, the curse will be lifted and the youkai can leave that school. Do you remember me? A lonely man who happens to wonder around the area said that he heard eerie howls. I really slacked off in studying that one. After years of wandering around, my power started fading. But one way to beat him is to give him some catnip!

The youkai who caused one of seven wonders, “Hanawo of toilet. Now then, shall we enjoy the CD? Sorry for the trouble romajtica can you bring the kitten here?

[Drama CD] Review – Yuugen Romantica Uchouten (Utashiro & Merry/Mary)

What a strange person. Though it was a short date but it was really fun, thank you. So come on to the toilet at night, yeah! The youkai who caused one of seven wonders, “Merry-san of Broadcasting Room. He turned into a monster!! I will attempt to translate this based on my little knowledge of Japanese: I can grant anything. Those who encounter a tengu, they will be put into silence and never return.


Also Tachibana hell yassss.

Are you coming for the sakura? Maybe you should make a wish for me to always follow you? It would always crack me up. I just got a good yyugen.

But I barely did anything. Once he gets involved in something, he can become serious. I seeeee, good to know. I will grant them. In the place where the old dorms are is said to exist the grave of a Tengu.

(Translation) Yuugen Romantica – Arahagi – June’s otome CD Translations

Esuta is so adorable. Just what is it that your heart desire?

It was just friends. Do you know my name? Why are you shocked? When I look at you…for some reasons, it drana me of who I used to be.

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Your room is really romanyica what were you doing while I was sleeping? When he sees someone getting anxious due to his actions he smiles. Are you not happy?

Everything VS Howling in samurai residence Staying in samurai residence for dramaa activity. Having lived for a long time, he is sly and looks down on humans. Let me grant your true wish. Romanitca you should come here and find it out yourself. I hope you get to go again sometime soon but I know transportation fees can be killer.


Looks like I found an interesting toy to mess around with. The spirits in human form, speak to you in the afternoon and lure you to themselves at night. After school, when the sky is getting darker… Never go into the music room, even if you hear the sounds of the lonely piano. This comprehensive map was amusing enough.

I only rode one once from Osaka to Tokyo. August 26 The problem child that is forever unable to graduate. And there she sees…hehehe.

Since he realizes his feeling, he has grown mentally.

Rejet’s new CD! Yuu Gen Romantica | じゅうぐち:

Fuji, maybe Sanji and Isao and those tokutens DO sound nice. Midorikawa Hikaru The youkai who caused one of seven wonders, “Hanawo of toilet. Should I give you a perfect score tomorrow? The flower boy of the toilet. Sad to see some things omitted from the sequel that was in the original CDs.

Hirakawa Daisuke The youkai who caused one of seven wonders, “Youkai inside the gymnasium. But in reality he really wants to get along with humans and even wants a girlfriend.