Home, Yuushibu 3 comments. Remember to tag your spoilers! But Yuusha was voiced by Fukuyama Jun: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. And unlike when Illya had done it, it’s not like the animation or plot are here to carry us through to the next moment or really enjoy the service. I was thinking “why is this music so strong? Want to add to the discussion?

Bluray, Home, Yuushibu 22 comments. Log in or sign up in seconds. Another similarity to Maoyu – the moment the Demon Lord is defeated, their world comes tumbling down. People start watching things they think they will enjoy, and many people myself included don’t bother rating things they dropped before the end. To view the video, this page requires javascript to be enabled. Anyway, MAL ratings are funny, because from what I’ve seen, people don’t usually rate shows below 5 unless they are butthurt by something no matter how bad the show is. For example, “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai”, was easy to learn, because it was repeated so often in the previews and such, and I even managed to memorize “Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru” while the series aired, but now these names are just getting ridiculous.

Which is especially sad since in all other ecchi-aspects it perfectly fits my taste. What I was most impressed with is how the main character did not get launched by a nosebleed down the stairs onto another pair of boobs after seeing her turn around while washing her hair.

The acting at that sequence also seemed quite wooden. The CGI was obvious and numerous, static images were used for more than just backgrounds, and when anyone talks, they are perfectly still with only their mouth and boobs moving.

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The acting is by no means anything to write home about, thus far not only are the characters not very endearing or interesting, but the actors also don’t do a good job of selling us on them. I saw, and it didn’t flow very well, since there was an obvious “My suit just got torn” moment.


Ooooh, bonus points for a pronunciation guide! I hope you like 10tacles. Suggest new pornstars x. The game takes place in a Netherworld school called the Evil Academy.

The show’s animation style is so-so, the animation quality is quite stiff.

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I’m unique in my own way. People start watching things they think they will enjoy, and many people myself included don’t bother rating things they dropped before the end. If they want to make this amazing, they can. We have a huge free DVD selection that yuushiibu can download or stream.

I won’t like, the last couple of minutes after we discovered the demon-heiress is in fact a girl had been a marked improvement over most of the show, and she is cute, but when we were at the 10 minute mark, it had already felt like I’ve been watching this for over half an hour, and I couldn’t fathom that I still had a whole half episode to go through. Characters are pretty likable.

Glad to see an anime pick up on his glory! Well, not Golden Time awkward, but the models are relatively stiff.

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You push the fan-service. Or you can help us buy them ourselves by donating on the right using Bitcoin or Litecoin. Personally, I loved both shows and I think everyone had a good time subbing it despite the lack of sleep lol. Continue to external site Go Back. Then again, I think most of us grade halfway between MAL and Video games, with 6 being “average”, 5 being “Bad” and 4 and below being “Terrible”, heh. Sign in to remove this from recommended.

Volume 3 is here! Let’s make it as absurd as possible for this episode”.

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This Link May be Unsafe. Just finished this one. Do not use link epislde services. You-shah knee na-ray-na-kat-ta or-ay wa shih-boo-shih-boo shoo-show-koo oh ke-tsoo-ee shih-ma-shta.

Apparently subverting fantasy tropes is a trope this year in its own right. They go to a very Hegelian institute – an institute that if successful brings about its own end. Forgot Username or Password?

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Just kidding, at-least this show is honest on what it is, and doesn’t go halfway and ends up being creepy like Vividred Operation. Anyway, here is a virtual hug. It is not OK to try to sell your own stuff here. So we have this,Walkure Buttsandjousting and IS2 for the delicious fanservice stuff and Kill La Kill and Valvrave S2 for the batshit insane i-need-more-crack factor,and all those other shows that I can’t even try to care about because jesus christ Valvrave S2 is coming.

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